back pain relief

I am used from last two months back pain relief product. I am very satisfied with this product and relief back pain every day. Very happy. I am purchase product:



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good to know that u got relief from this product.

but it is not necessary everyone will find the relief as every back problem occurs due to different reasons and every person reacts to the medicine in different way.

I was wondering what is the content of the medicine, what are the name of medicine that is used in this brand to relief back pain..


Back pain can cause a lot of discomfort and throw your entire routine off gear. I have not had severe backache except the minor aches you get after over stretching and bending a lot in my garden. Hot water bottle or even a hot bath takes care of it ..


A bit of physical exercise and Yoga can help in reducing Back pain


Back pain is one of  the most common but also most painful discomfort. We can use medication or get rid  of  it by practising yoga asanas like

  1. Dhanurasana
  2. Bharadvaja twist
  3. Adho mukhasana
  4. sarvangasana etc

Yoga seems to be a very effective practice to remain active and fit.


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