In the market there are enough of interior decorating items, Home Accessories stores, on which every art lover with have their heart, but all the things can’t be included in our home. The walls of our house tell a lot of our house. The colors of walls, painting and family photographs are the things which reflect the nature of your house. So, whenever you have a selection of the colors of walls, then you have to take care about some important things. Before selecting any art piece for the walls of your house, ask one question to yourself that is this art piece looks good on the walls on my house or not? You should think a while about the art piece which you are keeping on the walls of your house. Let us talk about these things in detail.

Colors on Walls

Before placing painting on the walls, do check that is that painting or wall piece matching the walls or not? Look at the color on which you want to focus. More than painting we try to see the colors of the walls. Our eyes go on the colors of walls before watching the painting. Bright colors like Yellow or Orange colors should not be used to display any painting. If the painting is of light colors, then you should use bold pastel colors on walls and if the walls are of bold colors, then you should to put a painting of light colors. In this way, walls with be able to complement the painting or any wall piece kept on walls.


Generally, we don’t keep any arrangement of lights near the walls to display painting. This could be one reason that the painting which you like the most in the store, doesn’t look good when we keep on the walls of our house. You should use extra spot lights on ceiling to have a good look of your painting. This will give more light to room as well in which you have kept the painting. For example, if any portrait is kept on the wall, then you should put one spot light on the top of the painting in the center. Spot light increases the attractive look of painting. 


Sometimes, accessories which are already there in your house, plays an important role in having the placement of the painting. Accessories could be from small flower Vase to big show piece. You can focus one of the colors of painting and of that same color you could place one Vase or any show piece near it. Ensure that only the matching colors are used in having this kind of placements. 


The beauty of painting also depends on the frame of that painting. The color of frame should not be like the color of walls. If such thing happens, then you won’t be able to give a nice good looking effect to your painting. Remember that the frame of painting or frame of photograph is included in the art. Therefore, before choosing any art piece, you should also check the design of frames as well.


If you want to highlight an important painting which you like the most, then you can put that painting on the top of the bed, where there is open space in bed-room. There is also one special place, where every member of your house sits together and have lunch and have lots of conversation i.e. Dining Room. You can place some wonderful photos near the dining table, where everyone can see it. This is wonderful place to memorize those good moments which you have lived before. Looking at those photos, you live those moments one more time. I know that we don’t find enough space at the dining room, but you should focus one or two places, where you could put those photos. You have to choose focus wall for this. You can also choose the top of Sofa, where you can place beautiful paintings.

If you are living in the duplex house, then beside the stairs then you can place wonderful painting or wall pieces. In the kitchen or at any empty space you can highlight your painting. Ensure yourself that there is sufficient light at that place.

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