It's Halloween Party Time! Stores are flooded with unique kid's decorations and props, but choosing any random assortment from the store can make you look like others. Why not look different in a homemade cat in the hat costume? As Dr Seuss said "It is fun to have fun, but you have to know how". That's right! You have to know how to make a cat in the hat costume. Designing a cat in the hat costuDr-Seuss-cat-in-the-hatme is really cool idea to have.

Many simple cat in the hat costumes can be made at home to look different than others in the Halloween party. Let's learn three unique costume ideas.

Get a black T-shirt from any store for your size. Then purchase two pieces of felt one in red and one in white. Round up the edges of the white piece using a scissor and fix it on the front size of the T-shirt. Then cut the red felt like a necktie and glue it on the top of white felt to make it look attractive. As the hat will be common to all three costumes, we will learn, how to make a hat for the costumes later.

A second costume can be made by getting a red T-shirt and trouser from the store near you for your size. Print "Thing One" in a white paper, and cut the paper like a circle shape. Using a nice glue, fix the circle paper on the front size of the T-shirt. Now you can get a red and white striped scarf from the store for your neck to look really nice.

The third costume idea is very simple. You can get a black and white striped dress that looks like a cat from any store near you. Make sure that you fit perfectly in the dress. Make sure it has a tail to look exactly like a cat. Tigers are big cats. If you find any tiger outfit in the store, then you can also purchase that. Now it's time to how to make hat.

It is easy to design the hat. First of all measure your head circumference. From the market get a black color long hat for your head size. Get white and red felt from the market. Cut both the felts like a thin rectangular shape. Now you have to rap the black hat with these rectangular shaped felts smartly. Put the glue on the felt and rap the red and white felts one by one. Once done you are ready to go.

Beside these traditional hats, you can also go with fake blue curly hairs to look good. You can explore the local store to find such hair. You can also go online to order fake hair from any online store. Make sure that you know the size of your head before ordering online. 

These are some ideas to design your own costume at home without spending much money. However you can always come up with your own unique costume ideas to surprise everyone in the party.


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