Creativity is not the address of only human beings. It can be done by a gorilla also. Isn’t it very surprising?? Each and every living being in this world has Creativity. But to expose this creativity everyone doesn’t get the chance. If animals also get the chance they will also show their creativity. A best example for this is Dovi, a gorilla who is 9 years old. Dovi is world’s number one Gorilla painter. We can find a Zoo Park called Penjentan in Divas of England. Penjentan is one of famous biggest Zoo Park in Britain which was started 90 years back. On the occasion of its 90th anniversary, zoo authorities have conducted different types of competitions. Now a days the percentage of hunting animals has increased, due to this the population of the animals is been decreasing. That’s why the authority of this zoo has decided to educate the people about the animals so that they will know the importance of them. They have especially concentrated on wild gorillas. Part of this they have organized World Gorilla Painting Competition. But they have decided to give chance to Gorilla to participate in this competition.

Firstly they asked the Gorilla’s to draw life Size Gorilla and paint it. But in spite of showing so many types of fruits and many different types of food items also not even a single Gorilla came forward to do this. But they showed the grapes 9 years Dovi came forward. By catching a brush with its hands, it started painting the Gorilla picture which was on canvas. It used Pink and purple colours to paint that picture and that painting were very beautiful also. We have never heard and read about gorilla painting another gorilla. Isn’t it?? And Dovi is the first Gorilla to paint another Gorilla.

Zoo people felt very much exited by seeing the talent of Dovi. And they bought many different types of Gorilla pictures of different shapes and sizes and asked Dovi to paint them. And now there are more than 40 painting painted by Gorilla Painter Dovi. And the Zoo authority is planning to arrange a special exhibition to see the beautiful paintings of Dovi. But before exhibiting the painting many are purchasing them. Already two paintings have been sold. As per the Zoo authority the profit gained by this exhibition will be spent to “Cross River Gorilla” Project. 

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