Jeans have come a long way from sturdy pants worn by the working class now it’s the staple dress wear of almost everybody, especially the youth. Anybody's  closet is incomplete without an array of denims. Available in a plethora of styles, cuts, colors, washes it can be teamed up with a wide range of clothes from tees to formal shirts, dresses to coats. Easy to wear, looks stylish , comfortable to maintain, ranging from baggy’s to ultra slim fits Jeans is the must have dress item in anybody’s closet. The universally popular jeans have a pretty interesting story of evolution behind it 

Origin of Jeans

Originally the fabric called ‘jeane’ was produced in Genoa in Italy it was actually a type of corduroy and was exported throughout Europe. Weavers from a French city called Nimes tried to reproduce the ‘jeane’ fabric imported from Genoa but were not successful. However through trial and error they created a new type of fabric which they named after their city and called it “de nime” literally meaning from Nime now known as denim. Jeans arrived in the United States of America around the eighteenth century. Jacob Davis a Taylor from Nevada used to make sturdy pairs of trousers reinforced around the pocket area with copper rivets for mine and factory workers from the bolts of cloth bought from the Levis Strauss and Co. He proposed the idea of patenting this method of trouser making to the owner Levi Strauss and hence the legendary jeans were born.

Popular cuts/styles and washes in Jeans

Jeans have progressed from a straight pair of denim trousers and are now available in umpteenth types of cuts. Following are some of the popular cuts and washes.

Skinny Jeans: Currently in vogue they are also known as cigarette pants, slim fits, drainpipes, Asian tight pants, drainpipes etc. These are a figure hugging pair that fit close to the leg and taper completely towards the end of the leg. This style originated in England Regency era and was popularized in the 1950’s by rock star Elvis Presley and divaesque Marilyn munroe in 60’s this style was donned by the legendary Beatles and since then has been the staple rockstar dress item worn by the likes of Rolling Stone, Bon Jovi, Michael Jackson and so many others.

Boyfriend Jeans named this because they look like you borrowed them from your B.F. loose, baggy unisex and oh so comfortable this style of jeans ooze effortless style and comfort .

Bell Bottoms: Similar to boot cuts and flared jeans style this type of jeans is generally fitting up till the calf and then widens and flares out. The flared style of pants was first worn as a U.S. naval uniform. This style was especially in vogue form the 1960’s to 1980’s. Bellbottom jeans was embraced by the hippie counter culture in the 1960’s and became its symbolic clothing exuding relaxed comfort as a statement against the rigid government war policies .

Classic straight: The ever popular straight jeans are cut like straight trousers 

Baggy’s: These jeans are very loose at the leg area and exude casual comfort. This style was in vogue in the 1990’s and is known popularized by hip hop artists and rappers like Usher, Eminem .

Jeggings: The latest addition to the long list of jean’s style is Jeggings, made from thin denim these jeans are absolutely figure hugging and fit like leggings. This style is available for men by the name of Meggings.

Capri: This cut of jeans ends just below the knee or mid calf.

Jeans have evolved a lot from its original indigo color and are now available in a range of hues and washes. Ripped, acid wash, worn out, Faded are some of the popular washes that jeans come in.


Beside The Levis brand – Lee, Numero Uno, Jealous 21, Wrangler, Calvin Klein, United Colours Of Benetton, Flying Machine, Spykar,  Pepe Jeans London, Diesel, True Religion, Guess, D&G, ED Hardy, Lacoste, DKNY, Ralph Lauren, Ksubi, Burberry, Just Cavall, Paper Denim and Cloth, Nudie, Tommy Hilfiger, Marc Jacobs, Annie Taylor, DVB by Victoria Beckham are some of the popular and designer brands that are involved in the production of that perfect pair of jeans. Besides these brands there are a plethora of other brands that manufacture jeans.

Jeans are present everywhere and are worn by everybody. They are worn across class, cultures, gender and age. They have different meaning for different people for some they are comfortable durable and easy to wear. Others wear them to make a sexy style statement. The versatility of a pair of Jeans is the foremost reason for its universal appeal. They are worn in different ways by different people to make a statement about their personality. The immense versatility and continued evolution of jeans promises to keep it alive for a long time. 

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