We  are now very much familiar with the word"Interior Design". We make houses and finlay design our house or office to give a outstanding look. So interior design plays a important role in our living room or working place.

Types of Interior design

Interior design can be divided into two categories. Residential and non-residential. Residential design are done in bunglow,apartment and houses. Non-residential design are done in office and in public places like community hall, bank, restaurants, hotels etc. Some architect and designer work together to give a extraordinary out look. The work of interior design includes lighting, colours, wall finishing and also furniture also. Sometimes location of doors and lighting place may be changed.

Costing: Many people and agencies are working professionally. The cost depends on the client's choice. So planing plays an important role. So budget will be according taste.

Now History of Interior design

It is an old art and still now there are many example present to prove it. It started from the wall of ancient people. They did it on wall ago. We see in Mesopotamian or in Palestinian culture and also in Greek culture. This was famous in Roman culture also. So this tradition was present in all world, whether it was western or eastern culture. After that in middle era it was also very popular in different style or name according to that region. Baroque interiors, Rococo interiors, Adam style, Victorian style are some example of different decoration.

In 20th Century: Previously it was done among high level society or in various religious buildings. But now this is very common and many of us are decorating their living room ,dining place even bathroom also. There are many agencies available ,who do it professionally according to your choice and budget.

Advantages of Interior designing: It helps to shape the interior space of a building or house or bank. It also helps to decorate according to your taste with colour, position of furniture. So it also helps to live peacefully at home as it has a  physiologically affect to all family members. Safety is also an important matter. The designers should keep this factors in mind. So after a whole days tiredness when you will back to home , the room,itself will give you a great pleasure.


Who can do this art: There are many organisation now who helps to learn this art. But you should have some qualities like-

  • You should have a imaginary power and creativity willing.
  • Knowledge about colour and designs.
  • Concept and ability to know to others.
  • You should have a good drawing hands and skills.
  • Interest and also patience to make it successful.
  • Honest, discipline and self confidence.


  • First of all it is very costly. So plan according to the budget.
  • Sometimes it makes a confusion. After finishing it might be not as per your demand or taste.
  • It has a good maintenance cost. It is not permanent. 

Select as a career: There are many institute and one can take lesson or degree from there. Working as a interior designer have a freedom also. So there is a good scope to build a career.

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