Not only curios and soft toys, but plants have also conquered our visitor’s room and interior. Who is present there in this world who doesn’t love plants and greenery? Green colour is something that is pleasant to both our eyes and mind. Among a midst of non-living things in a living room, it is always a beautiful sight to see a few lively plants. According to vasthu, we can’t place living things inside our home. Yet we can’t neglect the fact that we all are plant lovers and want to nourish plants like small kids. For people living in flats it is really a blessing to place a few indoor plants within their living rooms. Plants can absorb moisture and thus purify your interior. So, let me give you a few tips for this interior decoration, in a snapshot.


While selecting plants

Size of the room, colour, shape, available sunlight inside the room and air ventilation – these are the important factors to be noted while placing plants for your interior. You can choose palm plants for big rooms and corners. It is to show the presence of greenery inside your room. But in the case of small rooms, it’s better to choose bonsai, money plant, lucky bamboo or ferns.

Sunlight is the most important factor

Plants can be categorized into three depending on the way they are planted inside your home – plants that grow inside closed courtyard, plants that grow in open courtyard and those plants used to decorate rooms.

In closed courtyards, though plants get sufficient sunlight, air circulation may be low. Bromeliads and pepromia are the indoor plants that grow under these conditions. In open courtyard, almost all plants that grow in normal sunlight can be placed. Ixora, cocxia, hemalia and many such flowering plants can be placed.

It is better to keep two or three sets of interior plants. If plants are kept for more than one week inside your home, it is better to place those plants, one or two days outside also. But it is not advisable to expose such indoor plants suddenly to sunlight. Just place such plants in a place to get more sunlight for a few hours or one day. Then only place them outside under the direct sun. Indoor plants have less defensive power comparing outdoor plants. If it is not possible to place them in direct sunlight, make use of CFL or LED to give artificial light for some time, once in a while.

Focus benjamina, shaflora, Draseena sadriana of bamboo family etc are a few among those indoor plants that can grow in places with feeble light and air. Plants having dark green leaves adjust to such situations more easily than light-green leafed plants. That’s the reason why we see dark green leafed plants most in indoor decorations. 

Water and air – only moderate

intPlant2If plants have to breathe, the rooms should have air. So, it is better to place indoor plants near doors or windows. Open courtyards are best for indoor plants as they are exposed to air and sunlight. Now it’s a trend to build open courtyards inside homes that bring a lot of air and sunlight inside rooms. So, it is a better idea to place some normal plants in the interior courtyard. It is not only pleasant scenery to our eyes, but also provides a nice fragrance of flowers.

Next important factor is water. As indoor plants are not exposed to direct sunlight, never over feed them with excess water. If so, moisture will stay in the pots causing easy decay of roots thus leading to plants’ death.

Sunlight is a vital factor for plants’ growth. That’s the reason why indoor plants have less growth rate comparing to outdoor plants. They have less defensive power also to resist diseases. So, provide them with moderate water and minimal manure. If both are given in excess, its roots may decay easier.

Liquid minerals are best for indoor plants instead of crystals and powders. The plant should be watered well before applying manure. It is better to go for natural manure than adding chemical ones in their less-resistive roots. 

Many methods to grow plants

Clay pots, plastic pots, Chinese pots, bowls, stone pots, beautiful vases etc can be used to plant indoor plants. If a beautiful vessel, china pot or saucer used in your kitchen is broken, you can use it to plant anything inside your living room. It adds beauty to your interior.  But in the case of plants like bamboo, their roots never go too deep. Such plants can be planted directly in your courtyard in soil.

Now hooks are available to fix plant pots in side walls. In courtyards constructed using pergola or grill, hooks can be attached in the ceilings to grow plants that spread wide. They can be hung using plastic threads. If your courtyard has enough sunlight, it is also possible to grow a lawn inside.


Green is the most pleasant colour for eyes, brain and mind. It gives a lot of energy and positive feelings. Even while our mind is going through stress and tensions, we feel nice if we see a green plant or flowering fragrance. For persons who can’t find enough space to build a garden outside their home, it is a better idea to place a few plants inside their home. It is also good to place a few flowers in a flower vase to keep you fresh and live whole day. 

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