For good health, only nutritious and healthy food is not needed but also a good way of serving has its importance. Food area or Dining hall should be given a huge importance where all the family members should sit together and eat food. According to Vastu Shastra (or Science of Construction), a family should always sit together in the dining area to have food. So, it is better that you make your dining area according to Vastu Shastra.

Ancient Tradition

In the ancient time, all the family members used to have dinner or lunch in the kitchen, by sitting down on mat. Fresh and hot food was served and this was hygiene for the body. This was also creating a good relationship in between family members. Peace and happiness was there is house. But, now a day’s, in this modern environment, according to the time, the way of serving has changed. Due to low space in the kitchen, a separate place is there for eat, which is called Dining room. Now instead of having food in kitchen itself, we all have our food in dining room at dining table. For mental and physical strength of our body, a better light, cleanliness at the place where you eat food and good ventilation for pure air is very much important. Dining table should place at the corner and on the both the sides of dining table, there should window for proper air ventilation. This also gives us positive energy. 

How should be the Dining room?

Dining table unites the family, so this is important part of your house, so it must be big and you should ensure that proper air ventilation is there on both sides of dining table. According to Vastu Shastra, if the main door and dining table are opposite to each other then it is said to be auspicious. The ceiling of the dining room should be white in color and the walls should be painted with pink color. Dining room should be in east direction. This is because, the morning ray which is infra-red rays kills the bacteria in the food and this is also good for the heath of the family. According to your use, in the house, where the main Entrance door is in North or west direction, then you can have your dining table at North or west direction.

The main Entrance of Dining room should be in West direction. If the main entrance of dining room is at North-west direction, or dining room is situated at south direction, then it is not said to be good. Everyone is having different beliefs, to agree this condition or not agree on this condition. But try to choose such a house, where these conditions are followed. If you keep more than one door or entrance in the dining room, then it is said to be more comfortable.

The shape of Dining table should not be Oval or Egg shape. According to Vastu Shastra, all the family members won’t be able to sit together and have food, if shape of dining table is in Oval shape. Dining table should be in square shape and the edges of the table should be round. Round shaped dining table is also good and for the big family, rectangle shape would be the option.

Sitting arrangement

It is said that the head of the family should sit at the center table, which should be in South-west direction. While serving any guest, you should try to be humble and quick in serving. The mouth of the head of the family should in north-east direction or East direction and the mouth of rest of family can be in East, West or North direction. In short, the mouth of no family member should be South direction. If you will follow these instructions, then you will have good relationships with your family members. 

In the dining room, if there is wash basin, then it should be North-east or in East direction. Wash basin should not be South-east direction or south –west direction. You can have wash basin in North and West direction. Toilet should not be attached with Dining room. If you are having limitation of the space in your house, then you can put washing machine in dining room.

We might have seen a tray of fruits in the center of the dining table. This is indeed good and this gives an indication of love in between family members. This creates a positive energy in the house.

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