If you think that there is no pollution inside the house and we see only neat and clean house and all the pollution we see, is only outside the house, then you are completely wrong. In the environment of our too there are few dust particles, chemicals present which we are not able to see it. Those are minute particles which are not naked with our eyes. Let us see where we could find those dust particles? And what we should to make our house pollution free?

Living Room

This is the place, where you spend almost all your time in a day. That’s why try to do dusting to your furniture and sofa set. If you are having pets in your house, then you would note down that the pet always like to live with family members. If the family members are in Living room, then you pet would also be there. So, you should take proper care in cleaning your pet. Your pet should be neat and tidy, when they come to you. Pets are responsible for spreading allergy to your family members. Don’t keep more plants in the living room. Because, in night when your house is closed, these plants exhale Carbon dioxide and that could be harmful to your health.


First of all, ensure that you bedroom is having enough ventilation facility. In night, try to keep windows open. As the season changes, the pollen from flowers come out, which is not good for Asthma patients as well as who don’t have asthma can have, that’s why in morning and in evening, you should try to keep your windows clean. 

You might not know, but there are small dust particles always there, these are called Dust mites, which we can’t see with our naked eyes. So, at least once in a week clean your mattress with the help of Vacuum Cleaner. You should also keep your bed and cushion in front of sunshine at least once in a month. Wash the bed sheet and pillow covers in a very nice way.

In the summer season, before switching ON A.C, ensure that you have clean your A.C. In the winter season, if you are using Heater, then ensure that the Chord used in heater is of good quality, because the bad quality of Chord can create pollution in the room. Don’t smoke in the room.

Kids Room

Wash the toys of your kids and then pack it in polythene and keep in dry freezer. This will kill all the bacteria on the toys. It’s some kind of different and unique, by this will be helpful in keeping your house clean. The toys which are used very frequently, try to put them in some box or bag, so as we can protect those toys from dust particles. Don’t put a habit to your kid, by sleeping with their soft toys. This could create allergy to them. Every day you should try to clean the kid’s room with the help of Vacuum Cleaner. 


In the duration of 2 months, take out all the items kept in kitchen and clean your kitchen in good way. You daily clean the platform of the kitchen, but the rest of place, remain intact. In kitchen there should be ventilation and you should try to have chimney in the kitchen. You should always check the gas pipe and try to clean it if possible. If you think that pipe is getting old, then try to replace it with new one.

Have a proper cleaning of Microwave, food processor, toaster, Electronic kettle and other Electronic items also when you are not having use of it; ensure that you have taken off the plug from main switch. To clean the sink, you can put vinegar and baking soda mixer in the sink for 10 minutes and then wash the sink. In this way, all the bacteria will die and sink will look neat and tidy.


Toilet is one place of your house, where you need to keep clean more than any place of your house. Always keep this place clean and dry. There should be no moisture at this place, as it is not good. We generally use harpic or some other chemicals to wash our toilet. We can also use Vinegar and borax powder mixer to clean wash basin and the tunnel of toilet. Proper ventilation should be there, so that in morning sun rays could come in. 

Car and Garage

If there is one door in your house, which is attached to Garage room, then ensure that it is closed every time. Don’t try to put old and useless things in garage. If there is any pipeline which is there in garage and it is attached to internal of your house, do check that if there is leakage or not? This can have pollution in house, so take care of it. In garage, never try to put the Engine on hold. I mean, you should never keep the car engine on hold, after starting Car. This can create a lot of pollution in garage, which is not good. In Garage, there should proper ventilation. If possible there should be Exhaust fan in the garage. This will keep the garage clean and away from pollution.

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