Guest Room Decoration

For pleasant and attractive look of the guest room in your house, then you need to place artistic paintings, beautiful bed, chairs, colorful curtains, and mirror and a flower vase in it. The decoration of guestroom needs to be comfortable, pleasant and wonderful. To make your guest room look a bit different we need to place different things like fish shaped pillows, bird lamps in it. The guest who comes to your house should feel comfortable with the guest room. Therefore, there is no need of any interior designer to decorate the guest room as decoration of the guestroom is in our hands.

Tips for guest room decoration

Actually the guest room should look beautiful, attractive and pleasant because guest who stays in our guestroom should feel happy and comfortable. The size of guest room must be the medium. The importance which we for living room and drawing room, the same importance must be given to the guest room. Though we may not use guest room but we need to maintain it with best decoration. So that when any guest stay in it may feel happy and pleasure on us. 

1. According to the size of the guest room we need to choose the furniture. By placing more furniture the guest room looks a bit congested. Guest room should have only one bed. If you feel there is a chance of more guests, then you need to choose a pullout bed. It is better to choose sofa with bed (two in one). This saves space. Therefore, it looks modern too.

2. We should not place any valuable things in the guest as it is not used by us. The articles which you place in the guest room for decoration should be cleaned regularly. We can make our guest room look pleasant by placing artistic paintings and photo frames but we should never place our family photos in it. We should avoid the white color or light color curtains, bed sheets, pillow covers and table covers as it is very difficult to wash and clean them. We can use natural wallpapers on the walls of the guest room. We should use white or pink color to the walls of the guestroom. Therefore, the guest room looks more wonderful and the guests who stay in your guest room definitely feel happy and pleasant. They will surely praise you for your maintenance and decoration of guest room.

3. Lighting:

The lighting is the main import thing which gives beauty to any room. So we need to arrange bulb which gives medium light in the guest room. Therefore, guest room looks more pleasant and mind blowing. We can even arrange a reading table lamp or special bulb for studying.

4. We should decorate guest room in a useful way and that is concentrating on the comfortability of the guest who comes to our house to stay.

5. For the freshness and natural atmosphere, place a fresh flower vase or floating flower bowl which makes the guest’s mind pleasant and relaxing.

6. For the guest to relax and time pass their time by studying we need to place chairs in the guest room.

7. We should place music system, so that guests spend their time by listening to the music.

Lighting for the house

People have simple lights by getting current connection to their house and they get adjusted with it. In this modern world many different concepts of lights are available in the market. The artificial lights give more pleasantness to our house. If lighting in our house is good and pleasant then our mind and mood also will be good and pleasant. The artificial lighting is almost having similar popularity as normal lights. As we know there is no necessity of having lights in day time but light is very important at night time in our house.

The lights are available in desired color, shape and size. According to them the priority also increased. So now most of the people are giving much importance to lights of house. There is no need to spend thousands of rupees for lighting of house and we need just creativity. In earlier we used to import modern lighting devices from different states. But now there is no need to import them as they are available in the market with latest designs. Now lights have become a part of home decoration. Especially wall, ceiling lamps have become attraction of the house. The home, decoration, home atmosphere and home interiors show effect on our mind. If you want colors which give pleasantness in house then according to it arrange lights.

Lighting according to room

The house which you have built by spending thousands and lakhs of rupees, if there is no proper lighting in it then it looks ugly. There is a special importance for every room in our house. So according to the room the lights should be arranged. 175-195 lumax for hall, 160 lumax for bed room, kitchen 225 lumax are necessary. According to the age of the people who stay in the room the lighting also increases. The people who stay in the room of age 50 – 60 years should need 250 lumax lighting and in children’s room 125 – 200 lumaks.

The house looks beautiful and pleasant with different color lights. We can use drop lights in bedroom, study room. Therefore it is comfortable for studying. We can use the bulbs in kitchen which we like and feel comfortable for cooking.

Drawing Room

For making your drawing room look more pleasant and beautiful then there should be some specialty in the decoration. In most of the houses people use drawing room as storage room. Every house needs decoration. A house without any decoration looks unpleasant. In the present days there are many technical and modern things in the market with which we can decorate our house and make it attractive. The rooms look beautiful when we place the things according to their need. The things which you place in the room should be artistic one. Though the rooms are different and decorated varies but both the room should be related a bit. The kitchens, living room, dining room, prayer room, drawing room, are having their own importance. Among all these rooms, the decoration of drawing room improves or increases the beauty of the house. For making your drawing room look more beautiful, place furniture made of brass or wooden, hang artistically painting, placing croton plants and fresh flower vases for a pleasant and beautiful look. These all things should be placed according to the creative beauty.

Try to place the sitting furniture according to the comfortability and pleasantness. You have to arrange music system, mat, sofa according to your creative imagination in a very beautiful manner.

Centre table decoration

When we arrange a center table in your house, then it gives a great look to our house. Actually people feel, we should place a center table in drawing room only. But we can also place it in the hall. As there is a some space in front of the sofa so we should not place any kind of table there. We should choose a center table. The center table must be in such a way that, it should suit to the sofa & room and give special appearance to the room. The center table is placed in every house and used in a different manner. Some uses center table for decorative purpose and for placing newspapers and books.

Tips to decorate the center table

  1. Center table decoration depends up on drawing room decoration and your interest of taste. 
  2. The center table decoration can be attractive due to flowers, candles, statues and crystals.
  3. By placing a flower floating bowl made of glass or brass fill with water, rose petal and a lighted candle in the middle of the bowl. Therefore, the center table looks more attractive.
  4. We can even decorate center table with flower vases.
  5. We can decorate centre table using candle stands.
  6. We should place magazines, books, newspapers on the center table for the people who come to your house.
  7. We should never cover the center table by placing more things on it. We should leave some space then only center table looks beautiful.

Decoration of house with photos

We use many things for decorating. Not only furniture, flowers vase, curtains, cushions, plants, tiles, fish tanks, TV are used for decorating our house. We can decorate our house using our own photos. The photos also give good attraction to your house. How much care we take for decorating room that much interest we need to take care of the walls. Then the room will look more pleasant and interesting. We mostly give much importance on lightings and paintings; we can even make our house attractive using photos. Those photos should be only your family members’ one. We can take photos of your family members in different directions and hang on the walls. So that by viewing them we can estimate the taste of the people in that house.

The beauties of the house completely depend on the photos and wall hangings. The people who have artistic taste, they decorate their room according to their interests. There are some people who are interested but lazy to decorate their room. So that our house should look in innovative manner which makes our mind pleasant. According to the size of the room we need to choose photos. Small photos for small room and big photos for big room. We should hang the photos which are suitable to the color of the walls. 

Family photos 

Decorating the room with family photos is the best idea to decorate the walls of living room in beautiful manner. Due to the hanging family photos in living room, by seeing them our mind gets refresh and we get all the sweet memories into our mind. By fixing different frames to these photos therefore the room will look more beautiful. We can hang old photos also by fixing designed and beautiful frames, and then our sweet memories will be always in front of our eyes. Therefore, our mind will be happy.

Explore the photos on walls

Actually children love animals, birds, cartoon pictures. So it is suggested to hang pictures according to the children’s interest in their room. Therefore, they will be happy and the creativity will increase in their mind. We should never hang photos or calendar to the roof of the house. It is advice to hang them on walls at normal height. You should place your photo on the walls in such a way whole photo is visible completely to all. You can decorate your hall by placing wild animals, nature, theme pictures. These kinds of pictures make your hall look more special.

Best time to decorate your kitchen

Decorate your kitchen using different colors and things. Then there will be a lot of change in the room with new look. According to the season, there will be changes in the climate. In such situation, if we make changes in our house according to the season then our house will have pleasant look.

 Few tips to make changes at your kitchen in summer season:

Take care of walls of kitchen

To have new look for your kitchen walls, paint them with a suitable color especially light colors. Then only you can make out the effect of the changes made in your kitchen. Applying the colors yellow, orange and red to the kitchen walls make the kitchen to look more pleasant.

Fruit basket

There are many fruits in different colors are available in the market in summer season. The fruits mosambi, orange, apple, grapes, mango etc. should fill the fruit basket and it must be placed on the table. Therefore, the table looks beautiful and attractive with different colors of fruits. It will be very easy to consume them after having dinner.

Dining table decoration itself fulfills our hunger

In most of the families, all meet at dining table only. So we should take care that the dining table have pleasant look. Especially dining table should always look new. Then only our mind becomes pleasant and we feel like spending some time.

Few tips to decorate dining table

For having pleasant look to dining table, we need to use the things like table cloth, handkerchief, center piece, table runner and tasty food items. Table runner makes the dining table look more beautiful. Especially center pieces looks more special on the dining table. The flower vase on the table creates a natural look. We should never place any warm food items without stand. While keeping dining plates on the table we need to place table mats under them. We have to clean the table with smooth cloth dipped in surf water and clean the dining table. So that the stickiness will get removed.

It is good to choose the table cloths made of fabric material. Especially, for classic table runner we need to use cotton fabric material regularly. For dark wooden dining table, the plain light color cloth looks good on special occasions. we have to use silk table runner cloth with dark bright color. Then the guest will feel more pleasant. Therefore, they like our taste and start praising us.

Decorate your house with dark color flowers

Summer season is best season for cleaning and decorating our house. The decoration of house looks beautiful in summer season compare to winter and rainy seasons. We mostly decorate our house with flowers; it is good to use the natural flowers in the flower vase. If you want to decorate your flower vase with flowers then you need to pluck flowers before sunrise. While plucking flowers you need to use knife. You need to wash the vase and place flowers in it.

  1. While decorating flower vase, we can decorate it with flowers with leaves. The leaves should not be dipped in water. If you add little salt water in flower vase then the flowers will be fresh for more time.
  2. We should sprinkle some water on the leaves and pour some water in the flower vase then the flowers in the flower vase will be fresh for more time.
  3. When the color of flower and curtain matches then the room looks more beautiful.
  4. Flower vase should be placed where fresh air moves. Then the fragrance of the flowers will spread very easily.
  5. We can place money plants, crotons, Indore plants at drawing room.

 How a master bed room should arrange

Every room has its own importance in house. Among all the rooms kitchen, living room, bed room and other room are should be decorated specially then your house look more pleasant and attractive. Everyone wants to have master bedroom in their house. Due to lack of space, very less people get chance to have master bedroom. The small room can also decorate as master bed room. So that it look spacious. Therefore, this looks like master bed room.

We should remove unnecessary books, footwear and others which are not in use. The clothes should not be thrown on the bed or under the bed. The bed room should not be maintained as store room. It must be spacious. The things in the room should be placed and arranged in an order. They should not be thrown carelessly. The bed should not be placed at the corner of the room; it should be placed at the middle of the room. We should arrange bed in such a way that we can get down from the bed in 3 directions. When we enter into the bed room the bed sheets on the bed shows effect on our mind. The cotton pillow covers should be used as they are very easy to use. We can choose designed pillow covers for small bed rooms and the silk one also suits. Though your bed is spacious but avoids using furniture unnecessarily. If necessary try to arrange the furniture adjacent to wall. Try to arrange more lighting. Therefore, the room looks more spacious. So try to keep windows open so that the light penetrates into the room. The curtains should be hanged up to below the window and they should be light and bright in color. Therefore, the bedroom looks more spacious. Lighting is main important aspect of bedroom we should choose soft and gentle lights. 

Beautiful house makes our mind pleasant

Actually when we plan to build a house then we remember interior designing and coloring. Most of the people paint their house with any color but they do not think about the pleasant look of the house. Due to this we lose the pleasantness of the designed house. If we paint our house with the colors which are pleasant to you. Then the house will look beautiful and pleasant.

The balcony and terrace should be painted with dark colors for obtaining pleasant look to them. It is suggested to use dark color furniture for your light color walls of living room. It is advised to use light color to bed room. The place where we spend more time and relax, that place should be painted with blue, green and lavender as well.

You need to arrange music system, TV, wall hanging, lighting system smooth mats at sofa in such a way they make the living room more pleasant. The light itself improves the pleasantness of the room. The place where you arrange the light, place a table below it and then place a flower basin on the table. Then fill the basin with water and add flowers on the basin. With this decoration, the room will be so beautiful and attractive. Therefore, positive energy generates.

While purchasing furniture and beds for children, instead of considering the beauty of the furniture we need to consider safety and comfortably of child. we should keep their room spacious. We should arrange a special shelf for children to place their books.

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