To produce a unique write-up we must remember that there are four important factors of writing which basically do not only possess a strong independent identity in creative writing rather these are very much interlinked to each other too. It would be better to say that these factors of writing are simply like human beings. People need to deliver in their lifetime as individual personalities along with the relationships they share with other beings to have a successful life. On the whole, the life of a person is a product of various combinations so is the case with our writing. 

We can churn out a unique piece of writing only when we interlink the main four aspects of writing: originality, language, content and last but not the least editing/proofreading. Working upon all these four factors of writing automatically shuns the cheapest, the unwanted and the unethical writing skill called plagiarism.

 If we strictly follow this pattern of writing then there will be no need to cross-check our own writing piece regarding plagiarism.

1.Be Original: Let us keep ourselves simply original. Who else can speak a writer’s mind? Just no one can do so other than the individual himself or herself who has the ability to put forth the viewpoint which is going through one’s own mind very distinctly. It is simply impossible and absurd for anyone to present an original thought of others. It may seem to be very similar in opinion or language but the final outcome can’t beat the sanctity of the original writer’s thought process as well as the method of presentation. As writers we must have faith in ourselves that we have the capability to pen down our thoughts, naturally then, the originality will definitely show up in our piece of writing which will make it entirely uncommon because pieces of writing which seem very common directly point towards plagiarism.

2.Proper Language: Having an original idea does not finish a writer’s job. The written material has to reach the readers so we have to put it on a sheet of paper either manually or electronically. Thus, language becomes the need of the hour. Certainly, then, a good grasp of language in whichever language we are to write is a must. There is no need to write in an ornamental language, it can be written in a very simple and straight forward language but we must keep in mind that mistake in grammar and in spelling should be avoided. A write-up with full of such mistakes cannot make an impact on the readers in spite of having a strong content. If this happens then the effort goes wasted. 

3.Meaningful Content: Every write-up has its own value. It cannot be weighed on the basis of the category of the content. That means a write-up can be based upon a very personal experience, related to current affairs, entertainment, political review, health, fashion, lifestyle and anything under the sky. The importance of any write-up is based upon the reader’s mindset and subject of interest. The demand of articles, essays or blogs may vary from time to time according to the taste of the readers but in no way any written material can be devalued in the context of another write-up. That means a political article has its own taker while the health conscious people or those who are fond of cooking will go for health articles and recipes respectively and similar will be the case with the articles of any other category.

Actually, the most important point that we must keep in mind is, the content must be meaningful. It must be qualitatively rich that which can add some value to the reader’s mind.  It is a proven fact that content is the king so no write-up can make an everlasting impact upon the readers without a valuable content. Thus, the writer’s should be very particular about choosing the subject-matter and there comes the importance of personal knowledge and reference or research work. Unless and until the writer is confident about the subject on what one is about to write should not try his writing skill on it. The write-up will ultimately end up as a farcical attempt because of the lack of clarity in one’s thought process due to a weak weaving of its content. It may even lead to an assumption that it’s a plagiarized post which will not serve the purpose of writing. 

4.Editing/Proof reading: What will we edit? We can edit only when we have written something and that’s the reason this point comes as the fourth point but don’t assume it to be the least important of the four ways to create a unique write-up. In reality editing/proof reading gives the write-up a final structure. In absence of it the write-up may contain lots of grammatical errors, spelling mistakes as well as lack the expression that’s required for a write-up. A proper editing/proof reading helps in fixing all the errors and also sets the mood of the write-up which in exchange enhances the quality of the final output in manifolds. So, no one can ignore this point because the writer cannot afford to lose his/her credibility.

We write but we are readers too so when we play the role of a reader then we never appreciate a write-up with lots of mistakes. Such write-ups dissatisfy us a lot and we switch over to another one so if our creations are full of errors then the readers will treat them in the same manner. Keeping this in mind we must give proper importance to editing/proof reading and while practising this we must be very careful. Even the readers may consider our articles and blogs as pieces of plagiarism if they contain errors after errors. It's so because the readers become doubtful about the writer's competence and consider the write-up as a copied work. Editing/proof reading is similar to fine tuning or garnishing a dish which makes the presentation worth reading and to a great extent is a road to success.

Be yourself is the winning tip for every writer. The writing style differs from writer to writer that means some maybe a very ordinary writer, some mediocre while others maybe a very extraordinary as well as quite ornamental writer. The fan following will vary on the basis of a writer’s calibre but still even the simplest of writer can survive in the world of writing only when the author follows the golden four rules which are mentioned above. Thus, what are you waiting for? Express your creative and imaginative skill in writing and reach out to your readers but remember the write-up has to be original, written in proper language, contain a strong content and must go through revisions after revisions to have a properly edited piece of writing. That's how an article, blog or any write-up will be free from plagiarism and will stand tall as one and only of its kind.

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