A robot is a machine that is programmed to do jobs that are usually performed by living persons.

  • Robots can be programmed to do different tasks.
  • A computer that can measure the world around it can take reliable action. Robots are computers that do this.
  • A robot’s arm can be programmed to see the outline of a car and to paint all over it. Its reliability at doing this depends on the program it uses. If the program only lets it see the overall outline of the car, then it might continue to point it all over even if there is no door in position.
  • A computer is only as intelligent as its program.
  • A reliable robot’s arm will have position sensors. The computer can position the arm, and then use information from the sensor to check that it has put the arm in the right place. It can make corrections if necessary.
  • Computer control system unlike robots may only be able to carry out one task. But they will be able to do this one task quickly, reliably and cheaply.
  • A computerized production line needs no tea breaks, sleep or holidays. It can save money because lesser wages have to be paid. The initial cost of design, manufacture and installation may be high, and the system still has to be looked after and maintained.



Electronics are system that control things by switching on and off tiny electrical circuits. The switches are not like light switches on the wall, but work automatically. A computer works with the help of electricity.

*Cad stands for computer –Aided design.

*The first computer was built by Charles Babbage in the 1830s.

*The artificial environment created by computers is called a cyberspace.

*Robot is a Czech word for forced labor.

*The CPU is the least important part of a computer.

*A monitor is also know as VDA (Visual Display Unit)

*A small machine which performs arithmetical operations rapidly is called a Calculator.


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