These days Internet has become an important thing for many people. Even for most of the business this thing has become must. People just love to set wifi internet at their home so that they can share their one internet with their multiple devices. And having multiple devices and gadgets is normal thing now. So with that it has also become common that many times we face different wifi issues because of different reasons. There may be many different problems regarding this like slow wifi network, low signal, etc. And sometimes for that we need some expert to fix our problem regarding wifi network as we know nothing about fixing. But you know sometime this problem occurs because of minor issue and we can fix such problems with small changes and fixing all by our self. You don’t need to be expert for the same as you can fix it too by doing few changes in to it. Let’s learn about different solutions to fix our wifi network by our self.

Router Wires

You may not believe me. But sometimes even because of this minor thing we don’t get good wifi network. Just checkout wires of router if they are not loose. Just make sure they are fit into router properly. Also check out the quality of wire. If you don’t have good wire then it is possible that you don’t get proper wifi network or highest speed of internet what you should get normally. If possible then you can also change the power point from which you have connected your wifi router. Sometimes faulty power supply can also raise this kind of problems for you. So you don’t need to be expert for this at least. Just checkout it by yourself and it is possible that you can short out the problem in no time.

Router with two antennas

The speed and network of your wifi connection also depend on hardware of your router. In market there are routers with one and two antennas. It is obvious thing that you will get strong network by router with two antennas. So if you are having problem of low network and slow internet speed, and if you have router with one antenna then you need to upgrade your hardware. Just purchase the new router with two antennas and you will get strong network in compare to previous hardware. So hardware we are using for it is also important. And you can purchase it by yourself. If you know how to configure new router then it is okay otherwise you will need expert for the same.

Someone else using your network

If more devices are using the same wifi network then it is obvious that you will get slow internet. That means this thing can also cause you problem of slow internet. So make sure that your neighbors or other people around you are not using your wifi network. This problem can arise if you have not set the password to protect your wifi network. So make sure that you don’t forget to keep password for your network otherwise there are many around us who just love to use free internet.

Wifi blind spot at your home

When we are using wifi for internet purpose then this thing can possible. It is not possible to get same network in every place in our home. It may possible that at one place or in one room you won’t get any signal at all of wifi network. This thing called wifi blind spot. So make sure that you are not facing any issues like that. If you are facing such problem then make sure you avoid using internet from that place to avoid such problem. Otherwise you need to change the location of your wifi setup. So make sure you not facing any wifi blind spot problem.

Few odd windows settings can raise problem

I don’t know about other operating systems. But in windows operating system we are having power settings option which can raise wifi network problem. Because of power setting when your computer goes to power saving mode it also power down your wifi signal strength to save the battery of your computer. This can cause slow internet speed on your computer. So make sure you configure your power settings properly to avoid this kind of problem on your computer.

Drivers should be up to date

Do you know drivers of wifi network on your computer can also cause such kind of problems? Yes if you have outdated drivers for your wifi hardware on your computer then you can get slow internet speed. So make sure that you are using latest drivers for your hardware. You can checkout drivers of your wifi hardware from device manager in the windows computer. From the list of hardware just check out your wifi drivers and if they are outdated then just right click on it and click on update drivers option and it will automatically update drivers with help of interent. So don’t forget to keep your drivers up to date.

Wifi channels

For this thing you need to know the way of configuring your wifi network. If you don’t know how to configure it then you can call expert or the person who know this stuff to do this thing. There is wifi channel option in the configuration options. If you are having slow internet problem then you can change the channel of your wifi setup. After changing the channel, you just save all the settings and then check out. It is possible that this can solve your problem regarding slow internet connection. For this one you may need expert if you don’t know about configuring wifi network.

So this is it. I guess I have explained almost all the ways I know to sort out the problem regarding wifi network. Even if you can’t solve your problem after trying all above tricks then you seriously need an expert technician to sort out your problem. Otherwise if problem is minor then above tricks works most of the time. So be an expert (even if minor one) by yourself. This can help you in your emergency times. All the best.

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