Now a days almost every one using computer and the major prblem is virus attack.

question is  1.from where these viruses come, 2.what is the harm of virus attack, and can we save our computer from virus attack?

1.from where these viruses come?

viruses mainly transfers from one system to other by usb drives and some from cd and over internet.

2.what is the harm of virus attack?

They slow downs pc, inturpt in between works, may delete some files, slower inter net connection, identity theft etc. can we save our computer from virus attack?

1. use an autorun remover antivirus(autorun remover v2.0 is best). this can easily remove autorun viruses.

2.use an updated antivirus.

If advanced user then may try point below. menu bar of computer there is a option called tool>folder option>view> check show hidden files and folsers> uncheck hide extensions for know file type>uncheck hide protected operating system files.

Note: use point 3. if you can recognise system files. else dont follow step 3. so, if u can recognise system files then apply step 3 in your usb drive. there u can delete virus which are hidden(dont delete any system file).


1.viruses are stay always in hidden form

2.they are mainly of .exe files.

3.autorun virus are mainly vbs type files.

4.dont open your usb drive by double click or rightclick>open or explor. alway open by typing drive name then colon then enter. ex:  h: hit enter. this technique will not spread virus to your computer if there is some virus in usb drive(except autorun virus).



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