Law - people say its all about "society".

But how it works? what its rules are? how each and everyone is involved?

Who knows all that stuff and the point is who cares enough to know?

But who made the laws about failures? As for me failure is a stepping stone.

Being a law aspirant as all people do after 12th i.e. write entrances, give interviews and all that stuff I did it too 

But why it didn't make a difference for me? if I say I tried hard and gave it my all, I guess my luck was not with me etc no one would believe me.

They would definitely say or think that if one would have worked hard enough one could have gotten in but my question is who are these people to judge that I didn't work hard enough, I worked my ass off and I know that. But its all about Raising the Bar for oneself, some raised it high enough some couldn't.

But what amuses me the most is the hypocrisy of the society and how it started judging me from the day results were out and saying that I can do nothing by just seeing my CLAT score.

I am definitely not saying that CLAT  score is not important but what I am saying is that it can not decide what my future is going to be like. All the rules of the society  which it kept talking about suddenly started applying to me that is when I realised the basic rule of the "race system" if you don't come first nobody cares  weather you survive or not.

So now it all depends on you whether you will let the piece of paper decide your future or you will create your own? The question remained unanswered by many. We all wish to be successful but we are too afraid to let our eyes open and see the world without any burden, without the question of what is going to happen next? which college am I going to get in? 

Just chuck that thought for a moment and think is this the thing you really wanna do? Do you want to be a lawyer? Do you want to be a reason for change? Because if you do then no one can stop you because i know we can RAISE THE BAR. No college is going to decide but your hard work will prove it all to be true. Because i know one thing for sure that wherever I go, I will do good, all we need to do is have faith and relax after all  we all just gave like a billion exams. We need some free time, we owe it to ourselves :)

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