Microsoft paint is a software package for creating Bitmap images, jpeg images and as well as is used to edit the images. 

In File menu we have new option this option is used to create new bitmap image. Open is used to open the existing paint document. Save option is used to save the file. Save as used to specify other name for the file. From scanner or camera option is used to get the image from the scanner or camera. Print preview is used to see the printable view of our image. Print is used to print the image. Exit is ued to come out from paint. 

In Edit menu we have undo option this option is used for getting the previous version of our image. For example if we erase one image and if we press undo, we can get the image. Again want to erase means Redo option is used. Cut is used to cut the specified portion of the image. copy is used to copy the specified portion of our image. Paste is used to paste the image what we cut or copy. Clear Selection is used to clear the portion what we have already selected. Select all is used to selct the whole image in the image. Copy to option is used to copy our image to another software package. Paste from is used to paste the image from another file or document.

Short cuts for above options

Cut - Ctrl + X

Copy -Ctrl +C

Paste - Ctrl + V

In View menu we have colour box option is used to view the colour box. Toolbox option is used to view the tool box of our paint. View bitmap is used to view our bitmap image in full scale. 

In Image Menu we have Flip or Rotate is used to rotate the image. Sketch or skew is used to reduce the size of our image. Invert colours option is used to invert the colour. for example if our document is white colour we have to change it in black means invert colour option is used. Attributes is used to reduce the size of our picture. clear image is used to clear the whole image. Draw Opaque  is used to make the current selection in opaque or transparent. 

In colours menu we will edit the colours of our wish. Several shapes are available in paint tool box. If we wish to draw circle we have to choose the circle option. Likewise we will create and select Rectangle, Arc, pencil or anything in the toolbox. 

It is able to change the size of our eraser. Small to big we can change it. 

Tool box we have following tools

Free form Select is used to select the free form part of the image to move edit or for copying. 

Rectangle Select is used to selct the rectangular part of the image to move or edit or for copying.

Erasar Eraser is used to erase the particular portion of the image we don't need

Fill with Colour is used to fill the image with the selected colour.

Pick colour is used to pick the colour from another part.

Magnifier is used to view our image in big size.

Brush is used to draw the thick image.

Air Brush is used to pour the colour like pixels. 

Text is used to type the text in our image. 

Line, Arc, Circle and more shapes available in Microsoft Paint package. I have created one small image and attached here for your reference.

Try to create your own image and enjoy the benefits of Microsoft Paint.

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