Rivers are nature’s messengers. Flowing from the breasts of the earth, they feed thirsty mouths with cool water. They whisper great secrets of truth into every ear that seeks its knowledge.

Starting from high hills and mountains, the rivers gather the mineral and herbal values during their flow which they offer millions and millions of living beings. Rivers teach us things. They teach us how to live. They tell us the immortal secrets.

A Guru on the bank of a river

A long time back, a very saintly and ascetic Guru was sitting on a bank of a river. One of his disciples was standing near him. He had accompanied the Guru many a time. But on that particular day the Guru was in deep meditation for a longer time. He was waiting patiently till he opens his eyes. When he did after a very long time, the disciple asked him, “Guruji, please tell me why do you come and sit on the bank of this river and meditate for such a long time.” The Guru explained him the truths that the rivers teach humanity.

Messages that a river teaches

1) Sharing its life
Wherever the river reaches, it provides life and coolness. The river shares its life-its water- with each and every one there. It is generous and kind in sharing. It finds satisfaction insharing. As long as it shares, water sprouts from its source. Sharing is life. In sharing every life is fulfilled.

2) Levels ups and downs
There may be differences in being high and low in the areas that the river flows through; but wherever it flows its surface is plain. There is no high and low in its surface level. Equality is the aim and fulfillment of sharing.

3) Daring flow
The river is not a coward to be baffled by mountains or deep valleys. It never hesitates like a coward. It rushes energetically like a shooting arrow; it jumps courageously from high rocks into lowest pits creating wonderful waterfalls! Whatever comes on the way, it manages to cross over by finding suitable solutions.

4) Generosity is wide and liberal
The surface of the river is plain and clear. It spreads over the whole are it flows. There may be undercurrents and deep holes under the surface. But every difference is hidden underneath! Human life should be a peaceful surface forgetting all differences of creed, country, color, etc.

5) Crosses blocks patiently
River may be blocked by a big rock or a big hole. It does not stop its flow. But everything it surpasses patiently, flowing persistently and finding ways to proceed. Life may be challenged by trials and tribulations. But patience and perseverance can find ways and means to manage the situations.

6) Never tired or disheartened
The river is flowing without stop or hesitation. Day and night it flows with equal energy until it reaches its destination. Never discouraged or disheartened, a successful life proceeds towards its goal.

7) Never forgets its goal
Reaching and merging into the sea or ocean is its goal. There may be hurdles on its journey. There may be difficulties. Hard work and well-planned endeavors may be needed. They may need sacrifices and patience. But reaching the ultimate goal should never be deviated.

8) Self purification
River may be polluted with all waste materials thrown into it. It may be badly affected in so many ways. But it washes everything and tries to purify itself. Introspection and self purification are necessary in every life to reach its goal.

The Guru explained how he spent time in introspection and self purification which enabled him to strengthen himself and guide others. The messages or teachings that the river gives are eternal truths that lead us to unfailing eternity!


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