We all love literature;whenever,we find vernacular literature or English literature,try to read it to satisfy the thirst for knowledge.Knowledge is power,the more you read,the more you gain.There are instances,when top writers fight ghost wars within themselves.As the admirer of literature,many times,the fans like us puzzled and amused with this sort of happening.Literature is about creating a writing of recognized artistic value.Each writer possesses a particular mode of writing and it varies from subject to subject.So,it is more or less situational.What is surprising to me is that,in these fights,core vernacular literature is declining further.During medieval times,there are many famous authors and their literature is still pursuing minds and hearts.There are countless authors at that time,performs adversary among themselves,but this is limited to personal space,not to the space that their beloved literature reins.

Literature is all about making and bringing renaissance inside society.I am bit surprised,when a vernacular literature summit,being presided by me,one experienced guest author,in his speech,says many bad things about writings on the Internet.He is against blogs,and against writings sites and he says that all these are not supporting of literature as for this many new writers has been abandoning pen and paper and in turn reach to Internet writings with keyboards.He is totally against all forms of Internet writings.The way he is speaking against it,shows the level of heartiness he has been rearing inside his heart against Internet authors.He tells that,Internet writing is not literature; they are bits and pieces of writings.He asks bloggers who are at the meeting,how many articles have you’re published on newspapers,and how many of you have books published.He is proudly boasts himself of his ten books published and out of it two are best sellers.Out of an audience, one prominent blogger of the city,stands up and says that he has two best sellers in Amazon,the online book store and also two are waiting to be published soon.

The experience boastful author,responds to him by saying that,shows me your two best seller books now,then the blogger,reaches to him and with his Amazon kindle shows to him,the two books tagged as a best seller there.The experienced speaker laughs at him and says that,he is talking about real books not the virtual ones like the way he is showing to him.This is surprising.The author,having travelled traversed the world still not up to date with the modern approach of literature.In primeval times,much literature carried from generations to generations with word of mouth,and when there is no paper available,various literatures are written with palm leaves and most of them are still in countless museums.Then, the prevailing form of literature comes with paper and printing machine,ever since Gutenberg invented it.His words hurt me in the literature summit,as the experience writer is moving beyond the talk of a summit.He is trying to delete those authors,who are young and vow to write towards different directions of literature with their creative mind.Literature is all about creativity and making sense to society.It generates new ideas and sells it to readers.The skillful author,who happens to be my source of inspiration for writing,is giving a nonsense speech.He is not considering articles as the source of writing.It is natural and real that writers write for fame and money and from his writings the readers extract behavioral knowledge,consciousness and pleasure.It is the writing or reaction of something under specified circumstances.The aggregate of response,reactions and movements of readers can be studied in experiments.In this manner the art touches the sciences and moves to reality. Writing is an alert cognitive state in which the writer is aware of him and its surroundings.Sometimes his writings intentionally conceived a few points by showing realization and reorganization of something.Writing is a fundamental feeling that is hard to define,but is tingling with pleasure,a source of happiness,affords enjoyment with gratification.

Wife advises her husband with sweet and calm voices.Like this literature advise people about their behavioral standing inside the society.The blogs and articles inside Internet are a perfectly correct literature.Internet is twenty four hours near to us and with the advent of smart phones and high speed internet.Day by day,user can instantly have access to an ocean of information.All classes of people be it literature,illiterate or half literate,read or visualize the information.That has been there inside the knowledge source of Internet and benefitted plenty of it and it gives them pleasure and the inspirations in innumerable directions.In various times,these,articles impart profound sense of inspiration in countless readers and for this,they find the way of life from it.These are the reflections of common people.It is a vivid perceptual image,the vision of the common people,which have been there in newspapers columns as well as internet writing sites.It is a startling aspect that,the quality of writing is there in most of the recognized website;still why it cannot gain the respect of literature.Are there limited god fathers of literatures are stopping this to attain this stardom?Some one from that audience,who happens to be an online writer of some repute,asks similar questions and the experience writer has also answer to his and he says that,there are many instances when news papers has been vanishing from society within no time.He forgets to mention that, there are seven to eight newspaper in this vernacular language of eastern India,has been there since ages,as one in over 100 years old and there are many which are recently celebrated their golden jubilee successes.

In 18th century,the oldest East Indian language was going to be unrecognized and removed from society,from some selfish people,but due to great work of Ravenshaw Sahib,the authority of this age old language Odia,having distinguished letters able they survive and perhaps Odisha is the only state,in pure independence era,supported by congenial British authorities.During those times, newspapers able to continuous light the existence of this vernacular language.In the progressive era,the respectful experience writer is currently cursing newspapers and other forms of online articles.Then,he tells that,people like to save magazines for months,but for newspapers,people sell it within two to three months in four rupees in a kilo to vendors.Then, he tells that, people get recognition as authors,from magazine writings,whereas the bloggers and online content writers do not get any such recognition.They remain anonymous to society as usual forever.Regular newspaper writers,bloggers and content writers never recognized from literature classes and also they are never forever being invited for any such serious literature functions.He tells further that how can one take this as a literature.These are sheer nonsense originates from idiot mind.At that time I thought of Three Idiots,and thought that the experienced author should have seen the blockbuster Three Idiots and how insanely irresponsive ideas can becomes incongruous inviting ridicule,still makes the way for creation of something in the mind resulting from the process of study and experimentation.Literature is all about change;otherwise it can be a dead language within a few years.Still to date in this vernacular language,the so called masters of literature have not spent a minute to think about the seriousness of writings that has been imparted through some nifty ideas at newspaper articles,bloggers and content writers.The writer while giving the definition of literature speaks of two methods such as prize and recognition,which are so cheap for writers seeking to establish in this manner.

For this the grid to search for recognition starts and this brings the competitions and this can destroy the imaginative mind.Writing is a creative imagination and writers should be above all earthly emotions.Writers should have the ability to create seeds of later development.There are many instances,when writers try to publish his work in magazines,have to run to the editor of monthly magazines for the sake of recognition and in the process of gaining the distinction,he is leaving behind the core subjects of honors and passes,that he has to master it before graduating from the vast ocean of literature.They are called the masters of networking,and they keep in touch with various editors to have real nice congenial relationships and in the process,they wish articles to be published in those magazines.It is surprising that,there is no advertisement to submit articles on monthly magazines of Odisha Literature Academy.Suddenly,you find the magazine is full of articles,how it can be,as there are plenty of networking writers loitering there and they send the articles prior to knowledge.In the past,one scholar,once told to audience that Odia is not a language,and then many vernacular writers,sprouted and they try to write as many articles,essay,novels and poetry as they could and there are many scholars,who published magazines in the past and also receive good contents for their monthly and there was no sign of modern day networking practice then.During that time,those writers want to write so many vernacular literatures that,no one can call this that Odia is not a language During that time,various writers do not write for the sake of reputations and price,they want to touch the heart of literature.They want their vernacular literature to stand among the opposition and they succeed in doing this.This was the benefit resulting from their relentless actions.

They are living till to date,and when the author meets them,saddened by their state of livings but they are happy with it and proud to save their language from being lifeless.They show you their writings and tell you about the hardships in writings.Their passion was so intense that many a time they had to skip meals and buy the paper and pens to write literature.They did not want awards.They want people to read their literary creations,and they want us to make the critical analytical thinking on their writings.Experienced vernacular writers are running for positions and most of their creative time wastes by making networking.The great poet Kalidas said bad poets run for money.Bad writers go for recognition as they consider that it is the sole way for vertical enlistment of their career.Further,the practiced writer added,we are living in the age of advertisements.One has to tell his story all by himself as he is talking nonsense things at that seminar.I am shell shocked at the floored talking about my inspiration. In my graduation days;I am inclined to writings solely because of his immense literature.Few years passed, and the same author is running after the money.It is an optical illusion and something which can never ever be attainable.This is not surprising.It is not regional.Smooth the Nobel Committee in the past accused of influence and omitting eminent authors of our life lifetime being recognizing their epics.Owing to selfish and partisan attitudes of the Nobel Committee,in the past,writers like Leo Tolstoy, Anton Chekhov,Luis Berg,ajar Pound,Arthur Miller,Marc twine never got the recognition from them,which is surprising and beyond belief.The sincere writer does not wish rewards or does not fight to get it.Prize does not mean anything to serious writers.Through their literature, they want to live within the minds of generations.It is a sheer misfortunate that adult writers are fighting for recognitions and try to demean other forms of contemporary literature like that of blogging,newspapers articles and contents of writings as nonentity.It can have its own distinct existence,but it is part of literature. 

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