Long long ago, there was a king and his queen. They had no children. Therefore, they were very disappointed. One night when the queen was in deep sleep, an angel appeared in her dream and said, “O Queen, do not be sad. I have a good news for you. You are very soon going to be the mother of a pretty child.”

The next morning, she told this story to the king and his courtiers.

After sometime, the queen gave birth to a pretty child girl. The angel’s words came true. The queen and the king became very happy. Their joys knew no bounds to see the little child. A grand feast was arranged to celebrate the birth of the little girl in the palace. People from every nook and corner of the kingdom were invited in the palace. Even the angel from the heaven were invited in the grand feast. The whole palace was decorated with flowers and lights.

People from all around the kingdom came to attend the feast. The queen was sitting with the new born baby in her lap in the main hall of the palace. The king was also present there. Everybody was happy. The hall was crowded with guests. Suddenly an unseen voice was heard saying, O king, you did not invite me to your feast. Thus, you have insulted me, While it was I who had blessed your queen with this little child. Now I curse her that the moment she touches the flower she would die.”

Then there was silence all around. Everybody was shocked and stunned. Seeing all this, one of the angels took pity on them. The angel said, “I can lighter in the sense that the princess will not die even if she touches the flower. She would go into deep slumber. She would awake only when a prince touches her.”

This was brought to the notice of all the concerned that flowers should be kept out of the reach of the princess. The maids in the palace were specially instructed that the princess be prohibited to enter the garden of the palace. Once the queen and the king were on tour to a neighbouring kingdom, the princess was alone in the palace. The maids for the princess were not alert.

The princess just for a walk went into the garden of the palace. She was tempted to see the beauty of the flower, rose. She could not control herself. She plucked a rose. She then fell down on then ground and became motionless. When the king and the queen returned, they were shocked. But they could do nothing except wait for the prince.

One of the guards of the palace brought a handsome young man to the king. The man who was the prince greeted the king and narrated his whole story. He asked the king for his help so that he could drive away his enemies from his kingdom.

But the king did not believe him. He said to him, “Prove that you are a prince.” The prince then asked, “How can I prove that?” the king replied, “You have a chance to prove.” Then the king narrated the whole story to the young man. He asked him, “Can you bring the princess back to life?”

Hearing the whole story the prince along with the king entered the room of the princess. He went close to her and touched her. The princess woke up and looked all around. The king and queen were over joyed. This proved that the young man was a prince.

The king and the queen married their daughter with the young man. They helped the young man with their armies in regaining his kingdom. The young prince along with the princess happily returned to his kingdom.


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