Love is a great powerful magnetic.

Love is in the birds. Love is in the animals.

With out love there is no sweetness in the life. Love is great. Love is live long. Value is to the true love.

Love is one of the most important things in life. It is as important for happiness as food and rest. It is a feeling of affection given freely and with out restriction.

Human beings need to love and loved in return. You need love just like you need air to breathe. There is different kind of love. At home you parents love you and you love them too. This helps in making your home a joyful place. You love and respect your teachers. If you do not, you would be unable to make use of their experience knowledge. When you love your school, you want to bring credit to it. This enable you to do your best I all that you attempt.

You love friends and they love you in return. You encourage your friends to do what is good and right and discourage them from doing what is wrong and foolish. Love stands on the foundation of truth. If you are a true friend, you ill speak the truth lovingly.

Just as you love people, you can also have special feelings for nature, animals, a sport or books. Another important kind of love is patriotic love. Your sense of being an Indian is tied up with a bond of love for your counter.

You must have noticed the love and understanding your parents share. They might have disagreements but they are bound together by love. Theirs is the love that you see between caring husbands and wives.

Love is the greatest wealthy of human life. Love binds people together and brings them closer irrespective of color, caste, creed, region or religion. It is a strong positive emotion which can override negative feelings. It means treating others with respect accepting them as they are.



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