Techinal crew:

Produced by: AVM Productions
Director: Babu Sivan
Cast: Vijay, Anushka, Salim Ghosh, Shayaji Shinde
Music: Vijay Anthony
Cinematography: Gopinath
Editing: V.T. Vijayan
Promotor and co-producer : Sun Pictures


You can see the advertisement for this film more than 30 times in a day in SUN TV ( A tamil channel ) which is the distributor of this film. Now they also offer free

entry to their game show "Deala No Deala" if the viewers answer the questions related to vettaikaran correctly.We went to this film as we did not get tickets for Avtar

and 3 idiots and here is the story of the film.

The story is neither different nor a great one. Same old tit for tat kind of thing. Vijay plays the role of 'Police Ravi'. As the name indicates his ambition is to become a

policeman. His mentor is Devaraj IPS , a sincere and honest police officer who does many good things in the city. Vijay keeps the cut out of devaraj in his place, listens

to his interviews and follows his advice and he is waiting for this plus two examination results ( which he has failed 3 or 4 times already ). Luckily vijay clears his plus

two exams and tells his father to get admission in the same college where his mentor devaraj studied.




He got admission in the college in chennai and he starts from tuticorin. While walking in the platform, he collides with Suseela ( Anushka ) and love at first sight happens

to him. While colliding one of her bangles comes to vijay. He is saying to his friend that he had imagined marrying and two kids ( one girl and one boy ) are born to them.

He boards the train and surprised to see anushka in the same compartment. Later he cames to know that anushka is not travelling in the train but his grandmother

( Actress Sukumari ).


On the first day of this college, while the lady lecturer was taking classes, a student named Uma comes late for the college and the lecturer scolds her for coming late. At that

time, some workers are making sound outside the room and the lecturer closes the windows as that sound is disturbing the class.Uma tells her neighbour that fresh air is not

coming and she is feeling difficult. On seeing this, lecturer scolds badly about the character of Uma. On seeing this, vijay opens the windows of the room and requests the

workers to stop the work for couple of hours as that is the first day of their college.Vijay tells the lecturer that uneducated people listens when we speak to them with affection.

But we the educated people judges badly about a person without actually knowing them.  Lecturer says sorry to uma and students appreciates vijay's act.




Vijay is going to uma's house. Her father runs a travels. Vijay rents an auto from her father to earn money for this studies. ( His mentor devaraj also was driving auto and he

studied with that earning ). He cannot forget anushka. One day he is seeing her waiting for a bus in the bus stop.Vijay voluntarily takes her in his auto to her house.Anushka's

grandma invites vijay to the house and offers him snacks. Anushka is telling her grandma that she will hit the guy who stole her golden bangles. On hearing this, vijay gives the

bangle to anushka and says it accidentally came to him and he is keeping it in remembrance of her. Like this vijay's life is going smoothly. Meanwhile anusha is also impressed

with vijay after he finds out the stolen bike of her.


One day as vijay is regulating the traffic voluntarily, he stops the vehicle of Chella, son of local don Vedachalam who controls the entire chennai.That's the first meeting of

chella and vijay. Though vijay didn't see chella, chella gets angry with vijay for stopping his vehicle and he wants to kill him.Chella is a womanizer and wants to have the girl

he likes even if the girl is already married.


Vijay is going to uma's house to find out why she has not attended the college for past few days. Her father asks vijay to return the auto and tells him to see someother person.

Vijay asks her father why but he is not agreeing to disclose and says that uma has gone out of city. At that time uma comes from her house with a bag in her hands. Uma tells

vijay that the rowdy chella wants her. Vijay goes to chella's place along with uma and fights with chella.Chella suffers heavy injuries and admitted in hospital. Doctor says it

will take one month to recover.


Vijay was arrested by inspector ( Shayaji shinde ) for keeping heroine in his room. Anushka sees vijay in jail and tells him that she will get him out of jail.She comes to know

that vijay's mentor devaraj is not in delhi but in a bungalow in velachery. She goes to his house surpassing security and requests devaraj to help vijay and explains how vijay

admires devaraj. Devaraj is drinking wine and tells anushka that he won't provide any support. Anushka scolds him and leaves the place. Meanwhile shayaji shinde plans to

kill vijay in an encounter by swapping the file of vijay with a criminal and they are going in a jeep in a steep road. Vijay escapes from that place and jumps in a waterfall.


After vijay escapes, he goes straightaway to devaraj's house and tells him that how he admired him but he was not a good police officer. Then devaraj tells him that he lost his

wife ,children and his eye sight as well after arresting chella's men. Then they both decide to take revenge. Vijay comes to the house of vedachalam.Vedachalam shows vijay all

the properties he is having and says that vijay should be a slave for him till his life as a punishment for beating his son, chella.


Vijay starts a private detective agency with the help of devaraj and starts destroying vedachalam's wealth one by one. As a revenge vedachalam kills vijay's friend and sends him

the body packed in a box. Vijay gets more angry with this and destroys his jewellery, chitfund, building construction etc. Vijay also kills chella by making his car drown in a river

as chella doesn't know swimming.Vedachalam was shocked after chella's death and thinks how to destroy vijay. Finally he decides to become a minister and calls the party

leaders that he wants to become a minister and he will give how much ever money needed for that.


Vedachalam is getting ready to sworn in as minister and as he is about to start from his tea stall, vijay comes there. He hits everybody down and finally as he nears vedachalam,

he is caught by police.At that time vijay sees devaraj standing in the crowd with a gun in his hand. As devaraj is blind, vijay signals him by telling to put the siren of the car so

that devaraj can hear where the car is placed.When vedachalam opens the door of the car, vijay shouts minister has started and devaraj triggers the bullet. At the same time,

vedhachalam's man is having gun in his hand aiming vijay. So everybody thinks that vedachalam's man had killed vedachalam and that's the end of the movie as well.


Vijay tried to imitate superstar Rajinikanth by following his style, talk etc. But he failed to succeed in that as it looks very artificial. The only thing that is good in this film is the

songs.All the songs are good especially 'Chinna thamarai', 'Karikalan' and 'Puli urumudhu'. The film can be watched once.

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