One flew over Cuckoo's nest, on its exterior is a movie about mentallly handicapped people and a person trying to escape from that asylum into a free world.But the beauty of the movie lies in the title itself which reflects the life of subroutine homo sapien.The mentally handicapped people has a limited piece of imagination.Their thoughts, their regular routines are always confined to their little minds. They are enveloping their ideas into a cuckoo's nest. An innocent cuckoo's nest.They fear their superiors, here a wicked nurse called Ratched.They drill their subroutine as per her instructions. They have their cuckoo's nest hanging on the branch held by these superiors. When their minds are cocooned with such limited imaginations meet a free bird always destined to fly, never meant to be caged, They will find a blessing in disguise.They realize what their wings are for.They peek their heads out of cuckoo's nest. They learn to fly. They learn to live Life.They will become elixirs of their self imagination.

Humans these days are no different than the mentally disordered people except that they are the ordered ones.The people in this contemporary world are forced to embellish their minds into cuckoo's nests.The cuckoo's nest contain a subroutine which starts as early as 7 in the morning.They press the accelerator to get themselves in time, swinging in jam packed vehicles, Waiting frequently due to traffic congestion.When they reach the office,they make themselves in the center of this nest. They neither see the world outside nor they ever try to look at it. This part consumes their lion's share and They start to leave to their homes swinging and waiting.They have their supper and spend a few moments with people eventually getting tired and falling into the dreams.I wonder when the people dream, will their dreams even dwell inside their nests or will they come out then to look the world outside ?

The world we live in is interwoven with different hierarchies.Its plight to say in these days that, Humans when felt of habituated to their live less life, They never try to come out of that instead They accommodate their minds into new nest, a bigger one much more complex to come out. One point of their life, They realize themselves jailed in the nest so much that when they try to come out of it,I am afraid, It might have become too late for them to explore the world with their jaded wings.Its already been a life time!!Only they are left to live their life imagining how beautiful, wise, serene free and moreover lively the world outside.Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying.

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