Everbody loves Comedy. Laughter is the best medicine.Therfore, our film directors too, try to take atleast a few comedy movies every year, if not every month. Below are the comedy movies produced in the Telugu film industry during the year 2009.

1.  ANJANEYULU(Aug. 2009)





Major Cast:

Ravi Taja As Anjaneyulu

Nayanatara As Anjali

Sonu Sood As Bada

Brahmanandam As Prabha


Nasser As Krishna Murthy




Anjaneyulu, an employee in a TV channel, is a happy-go-lucky guy pampered by his father, Krishna Murthy. He comes into contact with a girl, Anjali, who is being chased by rowdies; he saves her and instantly falls in love with her. He continues to follow her and finally she gives in and they get married after a brief misunderstanding. 


In the meantime, a creative head, Prabha, is called in order to develop the TV channel and introduce some innovative programs. Anjaneyulu wards off a raid to the studio by Bada and his gang. He learns that they, in association with other ‘big’ people in society, engage in many such deeds, including the death of his own parents. So, he joins the villain gang as Pawan to bring into light all their nefarious activities and eventually puts an end to them. It is during this process that Anjaneyulu breifly loses the trust of his lady love though all is well that ends well. 




Although, the film deals with serious elements like mafia and gang wars, director Parasuram, tries to keep up the humour of the audience. Brahmanandam and others provide enough of comedy and in the words of hero Raviteja is “an entertainer with family emotions”. The way in which Ravi Teja finds out the movements of the villian gang is interesting. Music has been scored by Thaman.S and songs are good.


IdleBrain.com rating: 3/5



2.  BENDU APPA RAO R.M.P (Oct. 2009)





Major Cast:



‘Allari’ Naresh As Bendu Appa Rao


Kamna Jethmalani As Padma


Meghana As Gayathri


Ahuti Prasad As Raju




Bendu Appa Rao is an RMP doctor in a village. He continuously pulls extra money from the people by indulging in activities such as framing them with false ailments or creating illnesses in them. But then, he does this in order to satisfy his brother-in-law’s lust for his dowry money. Meanwhile, Padma, daughter of Raju, the village President, falls in love with Appa Rao.


The story takes a turn when Apparao finds an amount of Rs.15 lakhs which is given to him by a dying person to hand it over to the latter’s family. Unable to locate the family, he uses the money for the society’s good and, in the process, also changes his brother-in-law’s mind. Later, he incidentally gets to find out the family and decides to marry Gayathri, the dead man’s sister. In the end, though, AppaRao gets united with his first love, Padma.




The film strikes a balance between clean comedy and sentiment and Naresh steals the show with a neat display of both.  Brief comedy episodes by Ali, L.B Sri ram and Dharmavarapu Subrahmanium are included and the film is credited for its pure  entertainment value. Music has been rendered by Koti. Most of the songs have good lyrics and are shot at picturesque locations. One of the songs in the film  ‘Sukumari Chinnadi’  is beautifully picturized in a flower garden. The ‘snake dance’ by Naresh is a highlight to the film. Also, producer RamaNaidu makes a guest appearance as the District Collector.


IdleBrain.com Rating: 3/5



3.  KICK (May 2009)





Major Cast


Ravi Teja As Kalyan


Illeana D'Cruz As Naina


Shyam As Kalyan Krishna


Sayaji Shinde As Kalyan's father




The film starts with Naina relating her flashback of her encounter with Kalyan to a cop, Kalyan Krishna.


Kalyan is a guy who loves doing things which have enough ‘kick’(thrill) in them. He falls in love with Naina who gets fed up of his ‘kick’ and so leaves him. She goes to Malaysia to meet her parents. In Malaysia, she meets Kalyan Krishna to whom she is supposed to be engaged as fixed by her parents. Here, her flashback story to him ends and she learns that the cop is on a vigil for a person on charges of robbery who turns out to be this same Kalyan. In the end Kalyan is caught in Malaysia by Kalyan Krishna, aided by the Malaysian police. Also, Kalyan manages to win the love of Naina after she comes to know the real reason behind his robberies




Though the storyline is lengthy and a bit complicated, all the artistes have expressed themselves in a manner which provokes laughter. Illeana appears glamourous and dominates by her looks and actions. The comedy by Brahmanandam and Ali is commendable.  Shyaam fitted easily in his role as a serious police officer. His attempts at making out the identity of Kalyan with just two minor clues are brilliant. The ending drama of the final robbery by Kalyan  catches the excitement of the audience and the closing scene where we see Ravi Teja as a new police officer is unexpected. Music has been scored by Thaman.S.


IdleBrain.com Rating: 3.25/5








Major Cast:

Krishnudu As Karthick


Saranya Mohan As Kavya


Rao Ramesh As Lakshmipathy


Yendamuri Veerendranath As Bhaskar




A retired army Major, Lakshmipathy’s youngest unmarried daughter, Kavya is a medico. He searches for a suitable match for her with the help of his family friend, Bhaskar. But, she is in love with Karthick who is stout and a teacher by profession. Kavya approaches her father with the marriage proposal, but her father and all other family members are against it, as they do not like the obesity of the boy. They try all kinds of tactics to create a negative impression of Karthick on Kavya.


Finally Karthick wins over the entire family with his good-naturedness and gets wedded to Kavya.




This ‘family entertainer’ has been taken as a sequel to an earlier film Vinayakudu. The lovely picturisation of a village atmosphere is a notable feature in the film. The innocent looks of Krishnudu suited his character. The performance of all other artistes in the film is average. The film goes in a light vein and provides enough comic relief. Music by Manikanth Kadri is excellent. The songs in the film, including a remix version of an oldie  “Aha Na Pelli” are beautifully taken with a couple of them in a traditional village setting.


IdleBrain.com rating: 2.75/5


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