I am writing this after watching Katradhu Thamizh Tamil Movie in Kalaignar TV. When Film got released in Devi Theatre in Chennai , I couldn’t see it. Then I tried for DVD again I was not successful. Probably, being a good movie, DVD was not available in the market.

This is one of the elegant and intelligent movies in Tamil Movie History. Jeeva has done wonderful job in this movie. After movie “ Ram” this film is another feather in his cap. Jeeva’s character Prabakaran is portrayed in very good manner.

Director Ram was Assistant to Ameer and can’t believe this is his first film. Has the reflection of “ Varumayin Niram Sirappu “ K Balachander directed that film. Eventhough both the films come under same genre both of the directors handled the subject in different manner.

Director Ram has blasted IT People for all corruption in the society like Morality Corruption, Lifestyle Corruption, Inflation etc. Here I am not talking about financial corruption which has its owners like Government , Its Administration and Politicians.

Probably all the Non-IT working people has their own anguish against IT People. This is not only because they are getting higher salary and enjoying all luxuries in the society but also due to our inability in not taking part of the corruption. Remember non-financial corruption is also enjoyable like financial corruption.

But we have to remind ourselves about positive impact of IT Working people in the society. Because of them most of the industries survive today nowadays, like Banking, Telecom, Automobile , Real Estate, FMCG, Healthcare etc. People working in the said industries also benefited indirectly because of IT boom in the country.

In this movie, even though Jeeva has studied Tamil MA and want to become Tamil Professor , society is not giving respect to his qualification and talent. He is disturbed by the other section of the society who enjoys all luxuries in the life , he hate the Chennai City culture , finally he started doing murders for various reasons known and unknown to him. Even though he know English language very well, he doesn’t want to compromise in his job. After getting the qualification, how many of us making compromise in getting the job, within the job , in lifestyle , in morality etc. It’s really thinkable one.

I am eager to watch next movie of Director Ram.

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