Well..i had expected big things from this movie..but sadly it disappointed..it doesn’t have a "story" in the true sense..but it more like the life and times of Rizwan Khan...the second half direction was messed up...and the movie kept on stretching on n on..though its a very noble effort and the message is very good...i thought the movie dilly dallied a lot..from the 2nd half onwards....but regardless of all this...why this movie is watchable is because of the awesome performance of SRK...it was just mind-blowing...great acting and excellent detailing from SRK...he is defiantly the front runner for the best actor this year...kajol's role was short..and she was decent....all in all a an above average movie..which SRK stretches to being good.
. the movie was good in bits n parts....i felt SRK over did it a bit at times....Kajol was amazing..... throughout.
Some shots were not reqd..spl. the church one with hone kamyab thing....and i felt script da ws going haywire at times.....but overall it was ok.
I was not really expecting much from the movie.....n rightly so, it din deliver . Srk made a good effort .....but was not good enough ....(again that’s my opinion).
M glad Karan Johar is experimenting with diff. type of cinema coming out of his shell.
In an interview I saw karan and Srk talking about this movie....n stuff...they were talking they wanted people to know more about the syndrome shown in the movie n spreading awareness regarding it.....Well i felt the movie was totally situated around the generalization of Muslims as terrorist and a very little emphasis was given to the Asperser’s syndrome, which i think was a down point.
Over all it was pretty avg flick.

This movie is going well only because of only on celeb name SRK kajol an karan johar otherwise. its nothing like that as it was expected from this movie same emotional crap and this time it was getting over. SRK was not doing that much good acting specially at the point when he came back to that place to save the life of his two friends from drainage ......... but it will still be great for the fans of SRK an for the people who like full emotional drama .....

its not that gr8 a movie that it is being made out to be....the plot, screenplay and story are very very predictable and don’t seem to shock the viewer. I think KJo should thank the Shiv sena for unintentionally promoting it....well, coming back to the movie, the stand out performance is by Kajol, who sails through her role.....Shahrukh Khan has over acted in the movie...i still adore his restrained performance in Swedes ! There are many moments in the film which leaves u wondering about how that could happen....eg. A church full of people understand Shahrukh speaking in Hindi and the start singing!
The movie might move some fraction of the crowd who are die hard shahrukh, kajol and Kjo fan but for an avid movie watcher, its jus another movie....to wrap it up i want to say that "MY NAME IS NOT KHAN....AND THE MOVIE IS NOT THAT GREAT"
7/ 10

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