no country for old men is one of the best movies i have ever seen...saw it again yesterday!!!

everything about the movie is perfect...(*this may contain spilers*)

1.the camera work is PERFECT..the movie lacks dialogue and uses the visual and audio mediums to express...when josh brolin first enters the scene where the multiple murder has taken place ...the scene is completely explained using visual shots..and by careful observation it can be deduced what has happened there..characters are developed by showing their actions rather than using dialogues....the visual medium is used to convey messages-when anton chigurh kills josh brolins wife,the murder is not shown..but it is clear that he killed her when he wiped his feet!

2.people say that why didnt the coens use any additional BG music for this opinion is...just to emphasise on the natural sounds they have excluded flowery BG music...and also to make the situations very very create REAL shock in the minds of the viewers using natural sounds ..and its terrifying and shocking!
also the lack of dialogue in the movie makes the dialogues which is present much more interesting and meaningful!

3.the message of fate and chance in this movie is brilliant...everything in life depends on fate..the coin toss is a denotion of fate...listen to the dialogs more carefully u will get the message..

4.anton chigurh is a character which is compared with the best of villains in history-eg hannibal lectre,joker..etc...he is so calm and is so fucking dangerous..and feel no pain at all while killing people...that character really gives me the creeps..and the weopons he uses that vacuum thing and the shotgun with a silencer fixed are so dangerous..even when he injects himself with injections he feels pain but is unable to express it..he is so inhumane...

this movie is a 100/10 from me!!

hats off coen bros!

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