robert de niro is BACK....neither in the usual all swearing psychotic(the roles he has been doing all his life),nor as the humourous funnyman(the roles he has been doing for the last 10 yrs or so)....but in a role which really fits in to his age !!

everybody's fine is a emotional journey and is not at all a feel good movie as indicated by the trailers!it is rather thoroughly depressing....the movie is about a father's relationship with his children and how he refuses to see them grow up,how his children hide facts from him and how he gets hurt.its about the underlying respect children have for their dads,but is unable to express them !!

the movie starts pretty slowly but becomes pretty interesting and emotional in the 2nd half....robert de niro's performance is praiseworthy...the supporting cast also did a good job specially drew barrymore and sam rockwell...

this movie should be more appealing to the above 30 bracket,but still in general its really good!!

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