hotel rwanda

this is a real story of a manager of a hotel in rwanda,who helped save the lives of about 800 refugees from rebels by sheltering them in his is also a awesomely told story about the mass genocide going on in rwanda...

there are two sects of people in rwanda one are the hutus and the other the tutsis..the hutu president got murdered by tutsi rebels and the hutu leadership ordered a mass killing of all tutsis in the country,millions of tutsis were killed by the end of the genocide..the movie is filled with ghastly scenes and cruelty...and is very gripping...the lead role is played by don cheadle who does a brilliant job!!the political interconnections between the UN and the local forces and other european nations are also very well shown!!!

it is an african shlinder's list!!


hurt locker

it is one of the most realistic war movies ever made,the screenplay is very fast,the story is also emotional and it really brings out the real war situation in iraq!!

it is basically a story of a bomb squad,and how things work in it,it is probably one of the most risky jobs in the world,there is a constant fear of death but it does not stop the bomb defusers to be any less passionate about their jobs!!

the whole movie is shot in such a way as to give a documentary feel,and it really works,a few wonderful sniper fights are also shown,and it also delves into the personal lives of the soilders and the relation between each other!!!

i think this can be a real contender for the oscars this year!!



hilarious 1st half ..totally weak second half..the story line meanders into unwarranted an attempt to make the book as diff from the book( 5 . some one)the writer has just added some side stories which are really lame and leave much to be desired.
Simply awesome. Full marks to raju hirani n abhijat joshi. The way they have changed the story worths lots of praise. It deals with all types of cynical views of our education system in a comical manner. After a long time we witnessed a big movie made on the current issue of students. Aamir khan is a genius n he proves why it is said the success is his other name.

But special mention of Kareena Kapoor she has done her part so beautifully. She looks convincing n so sweet. Next is Sharman Joshi, he is just perfect to play this short of role. Boman Irani is born to play virus.

Music goes so well on the screen n the dialogues are awesome. Still i did nt get the concept of a infant kicking after hearing all izz well. Still that can be neglected.

Its a fun ride n it teaches u a lot of things.

I can give u 100 reasons to watch it though dnt expect it to be a Rang de or Munnabhai MBBS.

Its a different movie n must be given a different status.

.its not as good as hirani's earlier works..the comedy is top notch ..but it is'nt well complemented by a supportive i said the film just fails to have a sensible storyline in the second half..

the most foolish and stupid scene in the movie has to be the climax where aamir delivers a ?is he god ..he seems to be omniscient .

rgding the controversy i can say that chetan bhagat can be accused of really vying for publicity and money..except for the characters and the basic premie ..everything is different.3 idiots is TOTALLY DIFFERENT from 5. some1 interms of screenplay..the resemblance is only 5-10 %..not 80 %as he claims..

overal 3 IDIOTS is a strictly 1 time watch..


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