Piya is a New Tamil Actress in Kollywood. She is a North Indian young actress Piya, made her debut in Kollywood with the film 'Poi Solla Porom','Agan', 'Goa.' The movie directed by Vijay fame Kireedom features her opposite Karthik Kumar in the lead female. She has acted in Hindi films ads with Amitabh Bacchan and Shah Rukh Khan. His appearance bubbly and active approach has attracted a lot Priyadarshan and he invited her to audition for Poi Solla Porom. And in all Piya thought she would not be able to make it since all the models that were there for the test were outstanding with their looks and stunning make-over. Well, she was there for the occasion, without any make-over and as a fact of great surprise, she chose to Priyadarshan.

This young lady before she released her first movie, it got its name renamed to Priya Piya. She plays the role of female leadership in Ajith starrer Aegan is buzzing too and that she has more important in their characterization of what Nayanthara. She pairing with Navdeep in the film ...

Piya Tamil Actress

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