in a lonely place

director-nicholas ray

starring-humphray bogart,gloria grahamme

Cynical screenwriter Dixon Steele (Humphrey Bogart) is prime suspect for murder of a young girl he took to his apartment to do some reading for him.

Laurel Gray (Gloria Grahame), the woman living in the opposite apartment, clears him off the charges before striking a love affair with him.

Yet somewhere in the back of her head, she can't wipe out the suspicion that Steele might be really the killer.

Nicholas Ray handles with absolute expertise the atmosphere of creating paranoia .

Solid performances by both bogart and grahamme.

Short, compact and to the point, IN A LONELY PLACE is definitely a must watch for all film-noir lovers.

my rating-8/10

The Boy in Stripped Pyjamas

This is a story of the son of brutal german officer n a jew kid who is imprisoned.

The performances are pretty good especially the kids are awesome.

Still the movie does not reach that intesity.

The view of germans n their cruelity is shown in a distinct manner.

The relationship between son-mother, husband wife all r crafted well.

Overall a very good movie.

7.5/10(I liked Kite Runner more in the same genre)

body heat

director-lawrence kasdan

actor-william hurt,kathleen turner,richard crenna,mickey rourke.

Body Heat is more than slightly predictable up until the last ten minutes where it creates some surprising twists and turns and that shocks you.

It started almost a new genre of films.

The dialogue is impressive .

William Hurt is very gud in the roll that made him famous.

Kathleen Turner looks gud and delivers well too but it could have been much better.

The supporting performances are quiet gud specially of richard crenna"s who makes a great impact on his short role..

the direction at times were plain mediocre but was very impressive in some scenes,specially at the endings.

on a whole,a gud film,could have been great if more efforts were put.

my rating-7.5/10

Boys Don't Cry

Just now I finished watching Boys Don't Cry & my hands are still shaking.Though I didn't cry but something was aching inside me.The pain was really too intense & even Gothic flicks don't create such mental disturbance.Hilary Swank...this lady made me cry in Freedom Writers & now she made me feel almost chocked.How could someone entirely devote herself to a movie? and Chloe Sevigny also gave her everything for the role no. money is enough for them.They both deserve much more than what they got,Oscar isn't enough.I have nothing to comment but just wanna say " Hats off to both the actresses".
Rating - 9/10.

the contender

directed by-rod lurie

starring-gary oldman,jeff bridges.

The Contender is an engaging political mystery.

It takes some predictable and some unpredictable twists and turn .

where as many political thrillers have flawed endings,this one too have that as well.

gary oldman was great,he was the best in this film,he overshadowed the others easily in this movie.

jeff bridges was impressive,specially at the endings but at some scenes,he was just okish.

rest actors were competent enough.

overall a gud film,nothing special or watever but decent one.

my rating-7/10.

angel heart

director-alan parker

starring-mickey rourke,lisa bonet,robert de-niro.

Harry Angel (a very young Mickey Rourke) is called by Louis Cyphre (Robert De Niro) to track down a man named Johnny Favorite.

While on the case, Harry discovers that he really had no idea what he was getting himself into.

The acting varies. Mickey Rourke is terrific as Angel, although the script has him act flawed in some cases.

He's a guy we can immediately root for.

de-niro was impressive in his small role.

My complaints about "Angel Heart" would be less if the film was suspenseful, scary, or for that matter, interesting.

Unfortunately, it is none of those things.

The approach (the film will only work when it is pieced together after the credits have begun )that director Alan Parker took with the project is not a bad idea from the begining.

Sadly, Parker is unable to keep the audience very involved, and that's a big problem.

All in all, its a MUST MUST MUST watch.

I know, a lot of members would be surprised by that, because usually I dont recommend movies to anyone. But, this movie dosent need to be missed!!

After watching the movie, you'll get to know that this movie is made keeping in mind a particular audience, which we , atleast I definitely am.

Alice in the wonderland

Man it sucks...the visuals are good...many be i don't like such movies...i can't believe this is the guy that made Swenney Todd and Big Fish!!! GODDD i slept in the theaters...just b4 the interval...3D was kool...but movie didn't grip me...

i give it 6/10!

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