Film production is a very big industry. Multimedia develops with new technology.


Mass media like the news papers, the cinema and the television have come to be important vehicles on conveying the thoughts and experience of people to millions. Of course, today, the cinema and the television have got a strong on the minds of all – young and old. How common is it to see the old people reclining on their easy chairs and the young sitting on the sofa or sprawling on the floor, watching avidly the programs on the TV! But the advent of the television has not much affected the popularity of the cinema- the films.

Cinema today has advanced much in the matter of technique and in the entertainment it is able to provide. It may be said that uncountable are the varieties of the cinema. If used well it could well be the most important vehicle to spread knowledge especially among the younger generation. The producers are able to communicate with millions of people through films. Hence, if films, short and long, on scientific themes, matters of importance to spread knowledge, and scientific documentaries are produced, they can create a spirit of enquiry among children specially. Children and teen aged people can be made to understand that the cinema is not meant not only for entertainment, but also to help them enlarge their mind. In other words, films have also an educate value. Themes on tourism, scientific and cultural subjects, historical events that could kindle the spirit of patriotism, on family planning and such other socio – economics subjects can be screened, much to the benefit of the young people.

In practice, the cinema has become a means of the profit making. The feature films cater often to the baser instincts of people. Greed, drink and adultery, hatred and violence, and such other qualities are depicted and they spoil the mind. It must be the duty of every one to make all concerned with the films; exhibit pictures that would develop the mind and make people live like real human beings.


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