Dabangg a south indian remake?


This is the question going on in my mind right from the moment I saw the trailer. From the looks of the trailer and songs the film looks like an adaptation of Tamil star Vikram's  (who played Dev in Raavan) and Trisha Krishnan's 2003 hit film 'Saamy'. The film was later remade in Telugu as Lakshmi Narasimha starring Balakrishna and Asin.Though officially there hasn't been any declarations or claims, Salman's  Dabangg has more similarities to Vikram's Saamy.

In Saamy Vikram played Arusaamy a DCP of Tirunelveli . He came out of exile after being falsely implicated in charges of bribery by some corrupt politicians. He brings law and order to Tirunelveli by driving the bad guys out through hook or crook. Annachi the antagonist offers bribe to Saamy so that he does not disturb Annachi's business. Saamy pretends to accept bribe from him and pretends to join him. However when Annachi got a task to do a bandh in Tirunelveli Saamy does not allow by maintaining law and order. This results in Annachi's anger and he sends goons to attack market when Saamy's marriage is going on . All policemen are attending the wedding, hence no one are there to protect people. This ensures a clash between them on . Saamy was affected by Annachi's mafia in past as his sister gets killed and his native village got destroyed. Saamy has used all those bribes to reconstruct the village.When Annachi comes to know that Saamy is his enemy , he feels the need to get rid of Saamy. They challenge to get rid of each other in 7days. Annachi gets Saamy transferred but Saamy gets an extension of 7 days to take the new charge. In order to eliminate Saamy Annachi gets a bomb planted in Saamy's house. Saamy's father gets killed in the blast. This angers Saamy . He plans a plot and gets Annachi embroiled in controversies. When he tries to run away from the city Saamy corners him and eliminates him. However this is not let out and everyone thinks that Annachi is alive and has escaped from he city .

Coming to similarities in trailer:

  • Saamy eats idly with beer. Salman can be seen doing more or less and has an entire song dedicated 'Humka Peeni Hai'
  • Saamy accepts bribes from corrupt politicians. In the trailer Salman mentions the same to Sonakshi that she will come to know later why he is accepting bribes.

My prediction:

  • Sonu Sood is the corrupt politician
  • Mahie gill may be playing Salman's sister
  • Vinod khanna may be playing his father

I cannot understand when there are so many similarities with a Tamil film how can a Tamil producer acquire the remake rights. It is said to be starring Vijay. I bet that the producer has not seen the film. What will happen to his money if the film turns out to be a remake of Saamy. Let's wait for September 10 and watch


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