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Life is a combination of happiness and sadness. As human beings, we tend to be happy always and look for ways to make us happy. Not only this, it is a proven fact that happiness makes man healthy. When we think of happiness, we feel lot better, away from all worries.

Happiness can be obtained by many ways. There are many ways to get entertained and make ourselves happy. One of the main entertaining means is the movies. Coming to movies, the main entertainer to make us happy is the Comedian.

Comedian is the professional performer, who tells jokes and performs comical acts. His entertainment would be humorous drama with a happy ending; composed of jokes, satire. A comedian performs many acts with many sort of funny facial expressions to make the audience laugh and forget their worries for that instance.

The film industry can be defined as the film making company comprising of the film director, film producer, film editor, camera men, make-up men, many technical supporters and finally the actors.

Coming to the comedians, there are many great comedians present in the film industry. The great Comedian among all is the “Charlie Chaplin”.

When thinking of Comedians in the TELUGU FILM INDUSTRY, there are many comedians present from the initial starting of the industry. Among all, the best comedians in Telugu film industry, TOLLYWOOD are:



Relangi is the best comedian ever in the history of film industry. He can be called as Comedian God Father of Telugu Film Industry. He is the best performer who can make audience laugh and enjoy his show.

When a Tollywood comedy lover is asked to state the name of the best comedian till date, he would definitely state the name of “RELANGI”.

Relangi is the short name of this comedian in film industry. The actual name of this comedian is “Relangi Venkata Ramayya”. He used to have a lot of sadness hidden under his comedy. He is from an ordinary family, having great interest in acting. He had faced many problems to become an actor. He has been an assistant director before becoming an actor. Character that comes to mind of remembering him is “Lakshmana” in ”Mayabazar”, singing a very famous song “Sundari”. He had developed a great comedy from his portion in this movie.

Here is a list of his main works, which brought fame to him:

  1. Indra character in “Dhruva”.
  2. Kothwal character in “Bala Nagamma”.
  3. Lakshmana character in “Mayabazar”.
  4. Guna Sundari Kadha.
  5. Pathala Bhiravi.

Apart of his great service of his work in the Telugu Industry, he has been an ideal man for his simplicity and helping nature to many of the actors, as a good person.




This great actor finally died in Thadepalligudem, in 1976. His excellent works are still present to make the coming generations happy and remember his works. These great personalities are always alive in their characters entertaining the audience in all means.



Coming to this great comedian, he is the person who brought a different and latest trend of comedy in Telugu industry.

Bramhanandam is a person who came from a very ordinary family. He was a very good actor from his childhood.

His debuted into films, and started his career at a very late age. Even though he debuted at a very late age, he was successful in making comedy out of his action. He became a very successful comedian that he was booked by all directors in their films making a special character for him. Here are very special and very famous characters of Bramhanandam played in various films; which were never forgotten in the history of Telugu Film Industry.

Ahana Pellanta “Stammer Character”

This was his first movie as a servant character for a very Miser owner. His character film in this very successful, even though it was his debut. This resulted in giving him many offers after this film.

Pelli Sandadi “Thief”

This is a very special character who steals every thing from others houses and would not have a single dialogue for him. The only dialogue is “SILENCE” that he speaks in the entire film. This character is again a turning point for his career.

Anaganaga Oka Roju “Micheal Jakson”

This is also an unforgettable character that would be caught by the police for interrogation. When he reveals his name as “Micheal Jackson”, he faces many problems. This is a very funny character in this film.

Pokiri "Bramhi - The Software Engineer”

This is a very funny and ever lasting character. This character would be very close to the present trend Software Engineers. It is a very funny and important character in this film.

Jalsa “Pranav - The Head Constable”

A funny and very sympathy character that would be facing problems because of the hero’s torture is this character.

Dhee “Chaari”

Chaari character is a very reserved character, which faces problems because of hero’s mischief character. The comedy between hero and Bramhanandam would be very excellent in this film.

Ready “Mc Donald Moorthy”

This is a very wonderful and experimental character which would play a very important role all over the film and would be making the audience laugh and enjoye all over the film.




Bramhanandam as Hero

Bramhanandam has acted in some films as the main hero. He made the films successful and hit by his excellent acting

Babai Hotel.

This is a very good and ever remembered film which would be still remembered in Andhra. This name is given for many of the new established hotels after the release of this film. This would be an example of the success of this film.


He received many awards for his excellent work done. His awards include many Nandi awards and also Guinness Record Book for acting in more than 750 films. He is honored with Padma Sri for his great contributions.

He is still ruling the Tollywood industry with full form. Hoe to see many more interesting characters to come from his behalf.



Ali is a very great comedian still contributing his great acting to the Tollywood industry. He is from a very very poor family, born in Rajahmundry. He used to be with his father when he is selling clothes on the main road of Rajahmundry. Being a small kid, he used to enjoy time in the shops entertaining the shop owners.

His very familiar enact is the “Gabbar Singh” character from “Sholay”. A child performing mimicry acts, he was included in musical bands of Rajahmundry and was observed by directors and entered movies as “Child artist”.

Ali entered the film industry as a Child artist. He debuted with “Sitakoka Chiluka” movie. His dialogue “Abbai” has become very famous and had been used by common man very frequently. He acted in many movies as child artist and had supported his family.

Later he again entered the film industry as a Comedian and had chosen many ways in his acting. He enacted as film hero in some movies which are much hit and some added to his good collection. Here are some of his very famous works:

Akkum Bakkum

In the movie “Yama Leela”, where he was the hero for the first time, he had a very great and famous dialogue “Akkum Bakkum”. He used this dialogue again in many movies.

Enna Chaata

This is a very famous dialogue that made many people laugh. In the move of “Rajendrudu Gajendrudu”, starring Rajendra Prasad as hero, he was the main comedian and a very interesting character. This was a very big hit too.


In the movie “Chirutha”, he acted as a female cum male named as “Nachimi”. This character is very interesting and the special slang which he used to talk has become very famous among the youth and children.

Gudumba Shankar

This character “Gudumba Shankar” is from the movie “Desa Muduru”, starring Allu Arjun as hero. This is a very interesting character of a sage, describing how he reached his destination. It is a very funny story to be in this film.




Ali was a very good anchor too. He was in many of the small screen shows. He being a good dancer, he was the anchor to the very famous show “Dance Baby Dance” in Gemini TV, for quite some years.

Ali had acted in many of the advertisements and had become more near to the people of tollywood. He was still contributing his works in the tollywood and was entertaining many of the people to forget their worries and laugh heart fully for the time they watch his show in the films.

Hope to see many more excellent and extreme talented comedians come into existence in the film industry and serve the people with their humor.



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