Watched the morning show here in Chennai. Aarya and Santhanam makes the first half a laugh riot. Though there are no interesting things happening the dialogues does the trick. Slows down a little in the second half though. Its a harmless fun to watch. Lot of references to old Tamil movies, mockery at its best. Santhanam in top form with his trademark dialogues. Arya looks uber cool but same cant be said for Nayanthara. One of the hopeless characters in the flick. Songs are pretty decent and so as the BackGround score. Most of the movie feels like watching SMS with a different cast, Santhanam being an exception. At the end of the day, if all you need is pure fun without looking for anything else, then Boss Enkira Baskaran fits the bill perfectly.Thank god that they avoided wine shop scenes. I wouldn't rate Arya higher for his attempt. He was decent but come on, show some emotions. Santhanam on the other hand is the real hero of the movie. He did make us laugh without his standalone double meaning dialogues. No glamor from Nayan  but she was good. Overall, a good movie which will be a success in the box office.

Direction - director was trying to make the movie with Santhanam’s comedy alone and also has heavily tried Tamil Padam type spoof movie .
Music and BGM - were good , Mama mama songs was badly shot .

Arya - no match to Jeeva and comic reactions. 
Jeeva - good guest appearance 
Vverdict : one time watch definitely and Santhanam guarantees it

Though I saw some good reviews for Boss Engira Baskaran, I personally felt that the movie was not as entertaining as told in many reviews.Definitely there are good amount of laugh bursts and some interesting scenes, but overall, the movie was not a complete entertainer. Aarya, Casual acting. Jolly character and Aarya has done a decent job. But definitely there was room for improvement. In some scenes, he was trying hard to get the humor out.

The screenplay could have been taut. Having unwanted twist like entry of Jeeva in the climax could have been avoided. Also there are not enough scenes to justify why an educated lecturer gets impressed by an aimless youth. Arya has a voice modulation which is very much suitable for comedy. He is improving himself in each movie.Santhanam is the pillar of the movie. Without him this movie could have become a damp squib.Nayantara and other characters have done their part well.Yuvan Shankar Raja fails to impress. Three songs (introduction, song in marriage, and the last fast number) can be called as average ones.Other songs are not even average.  Apt songs have been used in hilarious sequences.Overall a watchable full length comedy entertainer. There has been a very good response for this film in the theaters. All the college student groups which visit the theater say “Nanbenda” after the climax.

Boss Engira Bhaskaran - Santhanam = Fail

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