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A Note from the Producer

This book contains various secrets of film making. How to write, produce, direct, and market films within a low budget, this book will help you all. Many people have incredible stories to tell. If they read this book, they will definitely get help.

How I Started

I was fond of writing articles as freelancer. Seeing movie is one of my hobby, I planned to make small stories and decide to go in Film Industry. But getting there is big problem, Money & time. So I decided to do a 3 days Film Making course. After that I invited friends for this plan, they agree and promise to help me in this field. First I gave a small ad for 1-Day Workshop for learning Basic of Film making. 40-50 people called me for this workshop and I started making team. Then I planned to make first Ad film, as it takes no time with very less budget. I purchased Sony DVD camera and my builder from whom I purchased my flat was my first Client. He want to start his new building & want his small ad DVD to give to his costumers. It took only one week to complete the principal photography for the ad film. I have taken audition and started my work. After that I edit in my PC and the first ad film of my Production is ready for viewers.

Then I started to shoot small functions like marriage parties, college annual functions and thus my work starts.


I made a short film & want to produce. I realized that post-production could be done anywhere and my family needed more support during the process, so we moved back to my home Independent filmmakers.


The film was officially finished around May 2011. This is when we officially considered it completed and the last version of the script was sent in for copyright. 1 Jun 2011 was our first premiere of “Taxi-Driver” at the Ideal Theatre in MOCHA CLUB.   We created our own press releases; receiving advice from my mentor Advocate Jeevan Goge (currently the Co-chair of the Red Carpet Films Corporation and VP of GV Club). By promoting the film with press releases, a “taxi driver” could actually promote a film and attract an audience without spending much. We were pleased with the seven newspapers and four TV station that ran stories on the film screening in Regal and had a great.


Don’t tell your ‘GOD’, how big your ‘problem’ is.

Tell your ‘PROBLEM’ that how BIG your GOD is.



Script was nicely written by Salim-Javed in SHOLAY.)

Make sure you have exhausted every idea that you have BEFORE writing the script


Original Thought:

See 3 Idiots, all story & acting of Amir Khan, full film is great.




Explain the main plot of the film more specifically, within three-four pages. However, if you are going to show to financers, you should give good explanation of the story in about two pages


MAKE ACT SHORT - main characters are and the inciting incident. That’s it. What is the inciting incident. The main problem that needs to be resolved within the story.


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