Movies And Society

In India movies are large source of entertainment,and also large commercial wold nowadays.Before commercialisation of movies Indian cinema had made very realistic movies.Movies are the miror of society.whatever is featured in movie is somewhere in our society.Movies has positive and negative effect on our society.

India has large number of population and large number of population are the viewer of the movies,that includes younger,older every early i said that movies has positive and negative effect on society,lets we take one example indian movies are incomlete without music.In india there is classical indian music and bollywood music.Classical music artist says that indian cinema has make music abusing that that make dirty the teste of listners,but thats not true infact because of movies song sense of music of people id improved.Yes it is not neglected that some of the songs serve porn and abusing music but it is also accepted by the society,and somewhere it pollut the socirty.

In past when indian cinema was not commercialised,at that time movies were made at very low budget and there was no competetion.But now today when movies are commercialised,class and standard of movies fall down because of competetion to earn more.Now the moral values and human principles are neglected.showing pornography and exrosure by following slogun of "SHOW AND SELL".Which make negative effect on society.But that doesnt mean that moralistic and realistic movies are not made todays.realistic movies are made and work as inspirition for society for some time.

so,movies are the part of our life and it has some positive and negative effect on society.we sont ignore the importance of movies in our society. 

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