The world is, with the number XXI, the last of the major arcana, although some classifications give this place the Fool, numbered XXII. But in general, is considered the latter as the "arcane without number." The world is a mystery very positive, the only one whose appearance in the circulation of tarot is able to balance the negative influence of the wrong letters dignified (reversed). 
In the Egyptian tarot is considered the secret of the transformations and is called transmutation. Is the transformation in action, the origin of the cosmos radiating strength, and the mystery that gives rise to all the changes, in turn, ensures that everything remains the same. The appearance of this deck forecast to consult a successful life on earth. The road will not be completely free of obstacles, but will have the strength to overcome, thanks to the transformative power that allows us to become what we want, in a game of infinite possibilities. The merit of the work is recognized and get their just reward, the inspirations are successful, the ideas are realized. 
Under the more contemporary look gypsy tarot, this card announces big success in worldly affairs, symbolized by the laurel wreath that illustrates the deck. Continued case of an extremely auspicious arcane, speaking of accomplishments and dreams fulfilled in all earthly matters. A beautiful home, peace, business success, everything you could wish for a peaceful and happy existence. Rests with the consultant to find a way to give back so many blessings transforming in some way, however small the world around him. 
The gypsy tarot, unlike the Egyptian, pays particular attention to the position of the cards in the run. Therefore, if this card appears upside down in the Gypsy Tarot, will be suggesting that those who query does not find its place in the world, and is confused about their true desires and needs. Perhaps this is because their projects never come to fruition, or fail so inexplicable. Who is not sure the destination you want to yes, this card tells us, and conforms with the first thing that appears or worse, which imposed the other, lost the divine power to transform their world.

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