Fashion movie


Fashion starring Priyanka Chopra as main lead along with Kanagana Ranaut and Mugdha Godse directed by Madhur bhandarkar.


It is one of the best movies I ever saw. There is nothing which I did not like about the movie.


It is must watch for everyone who loves fashion industry especially modeling area.


We see so many girls struggling to become models and journey which they pass thru to achieve this is very difficult sometimes it just ruins everything of yours when you don’t able to see what is right and wrong.


As the movie caption clearly says you sometimes you have to give everything to become a model.


Fashion movie is real story that happened. Whatever shown in the movie is something that has really happened.


Priyanka Chopra who comes to the city from a small town and aspires to become a famous model. Her journey from struggling girl to become a model to famous show stopper is really well sketched in this movie.


Priyanka Chopra also done a beautiful job, she gave her hundred percent well suited for this character.


Kanagana Ranaut I guess I need have to say much about this actress.  In Simple words just can say she is the best.


Her character in this movie is a famous model whose life turns very horrible and gets addicted to drugs and finally she dies.


Mugdha Godse plays a supporting role, seen little in the movie but must say bollywood need face like this. She is very talented, glamourous and for very first film she has done wonderful job.


Not to get surprised if priyanka wins Oscar award for this movie, as she has done mind blowing job


Movies like fashion should come more in bollywood, reality when shown on screen is more effective for so many teenagers then seeing with on eyes.


This movie for sure have helped so many young people to know what fashion exactly is and what happens back stage for all these beautiful models who walks on the ramp.


It is not only wearing new designer clothes and doing cat walk on the ramp, it is just a part of fashion industry.

There is so much that happens more in this industry, some of which is shown in the movie.


Thanks to Madhur for a lovely movie. We look forward more reality movies from him and also movies that are eye openers to young generation.


Thank you


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