The title iam going to discuss is a  regional movie, i was impressed with the content of the movie. No doubt it is a low budget movie without duets, it is not a love story or a thriller or a drama or socio fantasy, but it is just about a selection of a right candidate for an important position of a reputed organisation. Hatsoff to the producer to really encourage such a subject. The plot is that 9 candidates are shortlisted  for a final stage of selection. Each candidate has professional achievement and profound in their relevant fields like journalism,science,law,business. model etc etc.

Now how are they selected? what is that they are asked? is the plot of the movie.The candidates are taken to a custom made hall which has a security guard with pistol and ofcourse they are observed by a CCTV. The examiner tells the  rules.

Rule number 1- the candidates intentionally ot nonintentionally should not spoil the paper else he will be thrown ot and disqualified.

Rule number 2- the candidate should not try to talk to examiner nor should not go out of room nor do such acts which the guard will pull him/ her out and disqualify

Rule number 3- The duration is 150 minutes.

The examiner leaves the room, now the candidates see the paper on the desk and all are astonished because there is no question.Now they have understood that they have to search the question in the room and answer but how? one candidate takes a chance speak to other the guard has not reacted, so they can speak to each other. The candidates started discussion on what would be the question and the ways to find it. First they tried the paper with light but there no encryptions, meanwhile one eager candidate has written "OM" on his paper he was thrown out, now one competitor is down.Now the candidates take the answer sheet of the disqualified and shade with pencil but this is also futile.When the candidates discussed with each other, each had own view of why they applied this job, one said for money, one for money and status, one for a change, one for doing a good job, one for marriage etc etc.

Now the time is ticking down they are left with 90 minutes, one candidate who is a lawyer intentionally spoils a model's paper she was sent out.The competitors came down, again he does same trick with other candidate whose finger  has a cut when they broke a glass. Soon the other candidates realizes the crooked mind.One scientist unknowingly puts pencil on paper he too gets disqualified. Now 6 candidates are left with 60 minutes remaining.The lawyer candidate has a medical problem he has to take a capsule at regular intervals ohterwise he will get unconscious and die. The other candidates ties him to the chair and one candidate throws the capsule into the drain.The law candidate says he knows the question but he tells only after he is saved.Meanwhile one candidate tries to talk to examiner as the law candidate is about to die, she is also disqualified. One candidate ties the psychological canddiate and interrogates her whether she knows about the examining organisation. She confesses that she already worked in the company and it is a medical foundation somehow she is also disqualified, but to know the question the candidates frees the lawyer.

Now the time left is 20 minutes with five candidates, then the lawyer picks the pistol from the guard and fires a candidate and says if he kills the rest he is the one remains and he will be selected. Just he opens fire the candidates rush ou of the room and off the lights. He completes his round but just before time tick to 0 one candidate hides behind a door switch on the light.

Now three candidates are in room one is shot. The examiner comes and disqualifies the lawyer and the selects the other candidate.

She asks why this kind of examination, the examiner then introduces himself as the CEO of the organisation who wants a selfless and dedicated person for an important post and explains how the inner character of the candidatesv like pride, moneyminded, arrogance,impatience, sorrow, slothing disqualified them. The shot candidate is not dead and is just a anaesthetia, however he is also disqualified becase of his rudeness.

So this is the KEY.

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