The Karate Kid   The karate kid is American movie of martial arts whose director is Harald Zwart, by Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, the film stars Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan. The movie starts from 12-years old kid Dre Parker who comes to Beijing with his mom after her job transfer from West Detroit to Beijing.Here he meets with Mr. Han who is plumber and the expert of martial arts. Dre starts loving to a girl who is violin player Mei Ying but Cheng one of her family friend tries to separate them as he likes her.

He sometimes use to arouses parker for fight and once he beats him and Parker's eye swell down . Parker tries to hide it from her mom by wearing a cap and applies a cream near his eyes.But she get it and shouts on him and he makes her understand that its nothing, he hit down by a poll. After that in the new school parker goes on tour along Mei and Cheng also.Dre finds that Cheng lives near his colony and one day he moves by without noticing him. When he finds an oil bucket he bespatter it on Cheng and his friends. All of Cheng friends catches him and beat him . Mr Han bandages parker and he comes to know that he is experience in martial arts and he asks Han to teaches him Kung fu. Mr. Han promises parker that he will teaches him Kung fu.Han learns dre how kung fu is related to general life of human .

Here Drey finds a woman who imitates the snake but soon Han clears him that Not the women but the snake is imitating the woman .Drey practice for kung fu daily through his jacket and rods. In this mean time Han tells Drey about his past that how he lost his wife and his son who was of the same age like Drey. After the hard practice on the day of tournament Drey and Cheng defeats all other contestants and stands against each other but in semi final round player from the Cheng team breaks Drey leg and he falls down . Mr. Han gives him an ice treatment and makes him able to stand for sometime .

 In the final round again Cheng hits on the same leg of Drey due to which Drey gets big pain but he stands up and imitates as like woman who imitates snake and now Cheng imitates Drey and he kicks on Cheng's face and he fells down .Drey becomes the winner.  

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