A perfect example of how 'negative publicity' and 'cyberspace' can help launch your career in the film industry. Santhosh pandit is the actor,music director, lyricist and director of the newly released malayalam movie 'Krishnanum radhayum' which has created a big question mark in front of the malayalam film industry. His film was said to be houseful on the first day. However he made more than he expected from this movie. People especially teenagers were pumping into the theater just to shout bad words when he appeared on the screen. They used it as a medium to espress their anger towards the present problems in malayalam film industry. Santhosh pandit's film has no value at all. Its just some camera shots and nursery music. But people tend to get attracted to awkward things nowadays. This is called as 'negative publicity' or publicity gained in a wrong manner. All his songs posted in youtube has received enormous amount of views although people are viewing it for commenting bad words. Santhosh pandit holds many degrees. He was brought up in a middle class family. He is married and now lives seperately. He took his first film by selling his land property. He doesnt realise himself that the so called 'negative publicity' has made him famous. He believes that he is something great, till now. He is also taking two more movies in 2011 and 2012. There have been many problems in the malayalam film industry. Group formations, ego fights, strikes etc. This has had a great impact over malayalam film viewers and has allowed talentless people like Santhosh pandit to grow. Just in the midst of all these problems, Santhosh pandit came with his film and made some money out of it. The main reason behind the growth of such talentless people is the media. Santhosh pandit has become a popular icon in television over the past 2 months.

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