Entertainment is the act of entertaining or something that amuses, pleases, especially a performance or a show. Without entertainment life becomes dull and monotonous. Entertainment is necessary for relaxation. Without entertainment we lose interest in our work which directly affects our performance and growth. We can entertain ourselves by watching a Magic Show. This kind of an entertainment is generally liked by kids and is available on the net and on our TV sets. These days Magic Shows not only show us the tricks but also show the secrets behind such tricks. Listening to a Radio is also a common form of entertainment. It is a popular form of entertainment between the adults, housewives and kids. Radio not only keeps us well informed with all the current affairs but also plays music, commentaries, interviews etc. When we talk about entertainment we cannot ignore Sports. Sports are a popular form of entertainment between all the age groups. Cricket, Hokey, Wrestling, Tennis, Badminton, Boxing etc are the most popular entertaining Sports in India. Storytelling is a popular form of entertainment too. This form of entertainment is liked by the kids. Cinema is another form of entertainment which is quite popular in India. In India more than hundred movies are produced and released every year. These movies are of different genre. These movies not only entertains but also leaves a good message for all of us. This type of entertainment is very cheap and is easily affordable by every one. This kind of entertainment is available in movie theaters and back home too. Last but not the least is the Internet. Through Internet we can communicate with others, we can earn by participating in paid surveys, we can gather information, we can educate ourselves, we can play online games , we can shop, we can book movie tickets, airline tickets, trips etc

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