The first thing that comes to mind when i think about this movie is ‘Rapunzel’, the girl having long beautiful golden hair containing magical powers of the golden flower. I had been aware of Rapunzel stories, and what more surprise could I get when I got to watch a beautiful movie based on it it with my lovely friends.

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Directed by:Nathan Greno,Byron Howard
Written by:Jacob Grimm

Star Cast:

Mandy Moore (Rapunzel)
Zachari Levi (Flyinn Rider)
Donna Murphy (Mother Gothel)

Duration:1 hr,40 min

Disney’s 50th animated film- ‘Tangled’ (I think some other title would have done more justice to it) is an enchanting film which will engulf you in its story beautifully. As mentioned above, the fable is about Rapunzel, a princess,who is kidnapped by Mother Gothel, because of the magical hair that she possesses that would help Mother Gothel to stay young.Unaware of who her real parents are,she spends 17 years of her life in castle with Mother Gothel,mistaking her to be her real mother.
Being never allowed to go outside the castle and  gazing  the floating lights through her window every year on her birthday (floating lights were actually the floating lanterns released  on her birthday every year by her real parents and the people of kingdom in the hope that they will get their princess back one day). Rapunzel desired and expected that on her 18th birthday she be allowed to watch the lights closely and be allowed to step out of the castle to experience the real world.
But,her birthday wish remained unfulfilled until she met Flyinn rider ,a dacoit who enters the castle with the stolen crown, in absence of Mother Gothel, to hide himself from the police and his accomplices. He is taken hostage by rapunzel. Finding himself tied and his crown missing,he agrees to fulfill her wish and thus get his crown back in return.



You get more engaged in the story with Rapunzel stepping out of the castle for the first time and experiencing the real world.The journey of Rapunzel and Flyinn rider from the castle to the watching of the floating lights together is exotic and humourous .
The intervention of shrewd Mother Gothel brings about a twist in the tale and you watch the lovely couple depart.When will they meet ? how will they meet ? Will rapunzel know the true face of Mother Gothel and who her real parents are ? These questions keep on tickling you as the story proceeds and keeps you engrossed throughout.

Things I liked in the movie-
Truly speaking,I liked everything-the story,its pace,the animation,the beautiful characters ,the voices,the dialogues,background music and ofcourse the melodious songs .
The healing song ‘Flower gleam and glow,
let your power shine,
make the clock reverse ,
bring back what once was mine .
 is beautiful .
The song ‘now I see the light;feature=related

played while they both watch the lanterns together is utterly romantic and just peps up the mood.


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