Watching movie is always fun. But sometimes when we are away from the television or the when the television has nothing to offer we often watch movies online. Most of the people watch movies illegally, streaming them from various video streaming websites. Authorities worldwide are trying to stop such piracy and they already took down some such video sharing websites. Some people who watch movies online doesn’t even know that they’re going against the law. For now, officials are not in position to take any actions against the ones who watch such copyrighted content online. Anyway, they’re trying to stop such acts by taking actions against the websites which holds such content and the people who upload such contents on the web.

Watch or not watch pirated movies online?

It’s better to stop watching pirated movies online. You may not suffer the consequences now but the future is uncertain. Officials may take actions against the internet users who regularly visit certain websites to access pirated content. And those actions may be severe because what you are doing is similar to theft.

How to legally watch latest commercial movies online?

There are many online movie Video-On-Demand (VOD)  websites available. On these websites you can pay a monthly subscription and watch unlimited movies available on their websites. Most of these VOD services offers pretty new commercial movies and they often have a large collection so that the subscribers will never go out of movies to watch from them. Most of them offers very good services for their subscription rate. Details about some of the important VOD sites are given below : Bigflix is owned by Reliance and is part of the Big Entertainment. Without subscribing, one can watch the first 10 minutes of a movie. There are thousands of movies available on BigFlix from both Hindi and International categories. The subscription rate is Rs.249 a month. After subscribing one can watch unlimited movies. There are many useful options on BigFlix which makes it more worthy. In my opinion, this is the best VOD website in India. : This is another popular VOD site in India. I’ve just went through the website and latest added movies cost Rs.75 to download and watch and Rs.299 to download and own. The website itself isn’t as attractive as the Bigflix. Yet it is one of the few VOD sites available for Hindi movies. 

How to legally watch Hindi movies Online for free?

watch online

The best way to watch movies online for free is through YouTube. Go to Youtube and click the link ‘Movies’ right next to their search box. Many good movies are available in this section and they are categorized into different genres. Also,  you can change the quality of your videos to 240p (if available) if you’re using a slow internet connection.

It’s really unfortunate and that Indians doesn’t give much importance to Independent films and TV shows. While foreign countries are giving much importance to the quality of the content. Indian industry is making the same old romantic flicks, Family fairy tale tv shows, fake reality shows etc. If Indians had given importance to Independent movies then there will be a lot for us to watch online for free. There are a lot of Independent movie websites like on which there are thousands of indie films, documentaries, web series etc.

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