The film has coined a new term Ishq+haramzaade to give its title much akin to the nonexistent league of words like Slumdog. The movie starts with a bang and you see gunshots, fiery heroine with a strong character Zoya Qureshi who is a much more fiery version of a self confident Shruthi Kakkar in Band Baaja Baarat. The films hero Parma Chauhan is not much of a hero since he never thinks about the result of his actions. To him his grandfather getting the MLA seat in election is the only thing that matters. Zoya and Parma spit expletives and fire whenever they are face to face . The opening scene between them as kids is enjoyable. The scene where Parma destroys a shop for warning Qureshis is good as it explains his carefree nature. Zoya exchanging a pair of earrings for a gun is a new revelation from our traditional heroines. The premise is interesting as the hero who has no morals and the heroine who never blinks at the gun point. The script succeeds in establishing the viewers interest and an interesting twist keeps them hooked with a promise which is unfortunately not kept. Habeeb Faisal who always infuses freshness in his story and characters brings fresh treatment to his characterisations and seems to have chosen the regular path in second half. which dulls the films pace and its USP seeems somewhere lost. However the tempo catches up towards the climax and the viewer is engrossed to see the logical conclusion to this fiery romantic pair. The scenes when Parma asks for Zoya's maafi indicate his change of character which is not so much unbelievable. However the conclusion is a bit letdown . It is not expected of a convenient climax to an unconventional story.

The chemistry of the lead pair lits the screen on fire and it shows the maturity of the evolving Indian cinema. The actors dont shy away nor does the heroine. Boldness needs a new definition as the mainstream cinema has been incorporating kissing and intimate scenes quite conveniently now-a-days . Be it Rockstar or Band Baaja Baarat or Ishaqzaade. Lovemaking and kissing is being redefined and the acceptance by audience seems to show the maturity.

Parineeti suits the character and we wish she had lead Parma like in the intial scenes than letting her character undergo transformation. Arjun Kapoor needs to improve his acting skills. He succeeds in places where he does not reveal his real intentions and keeps the viewer guessing. But he needs to improve on emotional scenes . He is confident in initial scenes and not so confident in some places. Considering this is his debut he had done a decent job worth appreciating.Gauhar as a hooker who helps the lovers is good. But she has more song time than screen time. She needs to take up more roles like in Rocketsingh.

The music suits the movie and Amit Trivedi has got it right. The music lifts the mood of audience in right places and background score elevates the scenes acting as a Plus point. 'Pareshaan' song really stands out in the entire film.The lyrics by Habib Faisal and Kausar Munir are apt and situational.Though it has its own flaws the film is atleast watchale for the lead pair, the cracking chemistry and the music.

Rating : 3/5

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