Disturbia (2007)


Plot: A teen living under house arrest becomes convinced his neighbor is a serial killer.

The plot is same as REAR WINDOW by Alfred Hitchcock.

I watched this movie just to find out how much it is similar to Rear Window.

This was a nice movie...Even though the concept is same, there are many differences...

I liked the ending of Rear Window more than this (Rear Window had a good twist according to me....Not many will accept it)...

Imdb Rating:- 7/10.

My Rating:- 8/10.

City of God (2002)


Plot: Two boys growing up in a violent neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro take different paths: one becomes a photographer, the other a drug dealer.

After watching this movie last week, I was supporting Rio de Janeiro to host 2016 Olympics..I wanted to see how this people host an Olympics in place where Red Gangs still rule the streets...Now its official. Rio de Janeiro will host the Olympics...

The movie was Damn Good....

Must Watch.

Imdb Rating:- 8.8/10.

My Rating:- 9.5/10.

The Proposal (2009) Hollywood

Comedy / Romance

Funn... Funny.. Funniest.
Not A Good Movie Of All Time
Its A Romantic Comedy Flick ...
Sandra Bullock's One Of Best Performance .,
But The Ending(Climax) Is As Usual Like Other Romantic Flicks

Here We Go Short & Sweet Review ...
Margaret(Sandra Bullock) Is A Native From Canada And Forces Her Young Assistant Andrew(Ryan Reynolds) To Act Like Marry Her In Order To Keep Her Visa Status In The US And Avoid Deportation To Canada

Do Knot Disturb

watch it on your own risk ..

nuthin 2 spl abt dis .. apart frm sum funny moments.

exp director like david dhawan can make such muvie <~ nt expected ..

Rajpal stands out .. <~ ritesh & Govinda does well as well as surprisngly sohail khan ..

others r just avg kind..

story doesn't hav nethin spl .. & biggest flaw were it's songs .. except bebo & mere naal.. other songs r juss crappy..alt

~>> 4/10

Trick r treat

i watched it yesterday night....and all i have to say that it did NOT satisfy me....firstly before labelling this movie we have to consider a few things like
1)its a good budget horror film
2) its got known actors in this film
3) the cinematography is really good.

everythng was nice about this movie...but it lacked the most important thing which is a good story or a tight plot!
This movie i felt was primarily a tribute to the classic 80s horror movies things like:-
3) halloween party
4) the typical serial killer playing with a head
5) pumpkin head (remembr the film?)
6) the music. etc
This movie wanst an out n out horror film..it was rather a black comedy/horror tribute...it not at all scary...but it had its moments in th last story where the old man battles the little pumpkinhead boy....
Then children getting scared doesnt scare me...and then the typical stuff children playing pranks and sudenly the pranks become true..and then no one comes to help...this was very predictable..the werewolf story was reminscnt of 80s horror werewolf films...!! and the first story of the serial killer want scary by any means...it was rather as i said sarcastic/black comedy...other than the story everythng else was nice...but that hardly counts....s

Flash Forward S01E02

Awesome!! I love the intriguing feeling this kind of shows give u.. Its irresistible.. This show is gonna be huge I'm sure.. Fingers crossed!!

And its gonna be addictive.. Damn!!

RECOMMENDED to all sci-fi fans!
Cheers !!!

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