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Directed and acted by Robert redford.Two story are there together. Grace(12 year old scarlett johansson) faced an accident and her struggle along with her favorite horse Pilgrim and the other story moves around Annie(kristin Scott thomas) and her struggle to choice her man between her husband robert(sam neill) and "the horse whisperer" cum cowboy Tom(redford)...Redford acted well..kristin scott thomas is exellent..but the wonder element is little sweetheart Grace Maclean, Scarlett Johansson. One of the best acting by a child artist, sometimes she acted matured than her on screen mother.Montana landscape is a feast to eyes.

RATING: 7/10


stars late Heath ledger and julia stiles
the film is an adaptation of Shakespear's TAMING OF THE SHREW.
the romantic chemistry bw ledger nd stiles is gr8 nd so is the script.
though the movie is now a decade old bt still it is certainly worth watching coz you feel yourself indulging in it right at the start...
set in the college backdrop the movie is right at the top of my list of top romantic movies


wHAt a movie this one is .
The film possess a great depth on subject and a tight screenplay .
Anyone can relate the same subject with present scenario.
The film depicts a true story of 1928, surprisingly its occuring now a days too.
Angelina Jolie gave her best shot in this movie.She looks sensible and more matured as an actor. Overall the movie is must watch.

Rating 7.5

Raiders Of The Lost Ark (1981)

Director : Steven Spielberg
Cast : Harrison Ford, Karen Allen, Paul Freeman.

The first movie of the Indiana Jones series is also the best of the lot.
The movie which starts in South America (1936) travels half of the world to Nepal and ends in Egypt.The movie is all about gaining a certain Ark of the Covenant which allows direct communication with the Gods. Indy is assigned the job of finding this Ark and his rivals in this movie are the Germans(Nazis to be precise).
The movie is an absolute entertainer and there is not a damn dull moment in it
Spielberg has maintained a great balance of comedy and thrills with a background of sometimes weird and sometimes exemplary romance .
Every single frame in the movie has a certain "Spielberg Touch", which is the hallmark of the great director.
The next movies of the series were good but did not manage to create an impact as huge as this one.
A must watch for sure, I recommend it wholeheartedly to all cinema lovers

Rating :8.5/10

a gud timepass flick!!
watch it!!!

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
man.. brad pitt was awesome!!
nice film!!!
a must watch!!


the last movie i watched was TERMINATOR SALVATION 4TH PART OF THE SERIES
CHRISTIAN BALE AND SAMworthington was amazing. chanceless movie
i saw "THE FALL" by tarsem singh. a beautiful visually poetic movie.


GOOD movie

it is not at all a COMIC BOOK presentation......but its dramatic.all actors have acted quite well.

BUT the action is not good....actually its not the action but the CAMERA WORK..really poor,u can not even understand who is hitting whom ..sometimes its real close up while some times its too far during FIGHT SEQUENCES.
never seen such a bad camera work in HOLLYWOOD movie


u wanna know how JOKER got those scars......WATCH THE MOVIE !!!

ledger has acted really well.. especially the HOSPITAL SCENE is GR8.
all other performances are also very good.
ACTION is ALSO very NICE...good camera work as well....NICE THRILLS as well.

it is INTENSE...and not like other COMIC BOOK movies

Michael Clayton
Cast: George Clooney, Tilda Swinton, Tom Wilkinson, Sydney Pollack

A very good film about a 'fixer cum miracle worker'(Clooney) and a 'madman' who is the best lawyer in town for 'psychological' cases (Wilkinson) in their pursuit to expose the producer of a poisonous weed killer.

Good story, great dialogues, fantastic acting makes this a must watch thriller, though a tad slow. Clooney is amazing in a formal role.



I thought it is a funny movie. But it stunned me the way it left with such an impression of serious message; actually this movie exposes two different aspects..first is fashion world; the way the people around that world convince the importance of high society fashion is not only source of fun and sarcasm but also shows the business policies of corporate world. and the second and most important part is the way Andrea (Anne Hathaway) coped with uncomfortable environment; solidified her post. she showed and proved her capability and then she resigned because it was not that job she wanted. I liked that confidence and strength of that character. Miranda's (Meryl streep) " thats all" was good. Emily blunt ensures her choice as first secretary. And this movie is very different from FASHION or PAGE 3.

RATING: 7.5 /10.


actually everyone must like it hot when theres a diva like Marilyn Monroe. A funny and witty movie which has inspired a dozen of movies to copy the plot is a perfect showcase of the most wanted lady.

RATING: 7/10

rating- a modest 6.5/10
a gud horror film dat offers a bit f comedy as well.d plot is interestin and d twist as well.many a tyms it appperd lik a comedy film which is infact gudddd for many cine goers who want an out and out horrror film but get sthng unxpected.
overallly d gud attempt though not d best.but d shckin fact is a hollywoood studo has brght rghts to remake d film in hollywoood.
hmmmmmm...not bad

Primal Fear (1996)

Director : Gregory Hoblit
Cast : Richard Gere, Edward Norton, Laura Linney

The movie plot revolves around the brutal (In it's real sense, because it was truly brutal)
murder of a highly regarded Chicago priest, an altar boy (19 years) who is caught as the suspect of murder, and a succesful criminal lawyer who takes the boy's case to save him.
The plot looks simple but it has tremendous under currents and one of them is the mental condition of the suspect. For almost half the movie, the director is able to convince the viewer that the boy may be innocent. But the finding that the boy himself has killed the priest because of his multiple personality disorder shocks everyone . Ya, the plot may remind you of the Akshay Khanna - Ajay Devgan starrer Deewangee .

Certain scenes of this movie are brilliant especially the change in characters by the boy in a split second. Richard Gere as the Lawyer has played his part well. But the man who stole the show is Edward Norton who plays the mentally -ill boy charged with murder .
A great watch especially for Norton's acting

Ratings : 8/10

Forrest Gump (1994)
Director : Robert Zemeckis
Cast : Tom Hanks, Robin Wright, Gary Sinise, Sally Field

Lost count on how many times I have watched this masterpiece, but sincerely I would love to watch it many more times in the future.
The title role played by Tom Hanks has become one of the most loved characters in cinema history . The character who is primarily dumb with an I.Q below 75 and who according to his teachers and other people around cannot achieve anything in life, achieves something that is a dream to even the perfectly normal people .
Forrest goes from playing in the college Football team, to working in the U.S Army, from graduating college to playing ping-pong at an international level and from running the entire span of America continuously for 3 years to becoming a millionaire with his shrimp business. That is a lot of achievement and he does all this with the same amount of dumbness and stupidity he is born with.
The other characters in the movie, Forrest's Mom who stoods by him his entire life, His love interest Jenny who in her younger days picks up the drug habit and goes the hippie way, and after she is matured marries Forrest and gives birth to a son but dies in the end.
His friend in the army days Bubba, and his commanding officer Lieutenant Dan who then becomes his business partner etc. All these characters are well written and have a considerable role to play in the making of Forrest Gump as a person.
One cannot miss mentioning the references of world famous personalities such as John Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Elvis Presley, John Lennon etc in the movie and their coincidental relation with Forrest.

Tom Hanks has portrayed the role of a lifetime and he got awarded for it - Best Actor Oscar.
His improvisations for the role such as voice modulation, walking style and just looking plain dumb all went for him.
Overall, you cannot be called a Hollywood lover, if you have not watched Forrest Gump :)

Ratings : 9/10

Memento (2000)

Director : Christopher Nolan
Cast : Guy Pearce, Anne Moss, Joe Pantoliano

Well what can I call this movie, A psychological thriller film, a highly intellectual brain teaser or a puzzle. The problems I am facing describing the movie, the same problems I had while recollecting the movie. Some of the scenes surely required 2-3 times repeated watch.
The story is well very well known and recently due to lot of copy controversies, it has came to limelight. But the advantage of this movie is surely the immaculate and out of box direction and the great editing . It is the most original movie that it can be .

Guy Pearce plays his part convincingly. But surely the real hero of this movie is the story, screenplay and director . Nolan is a genius and audiences got a glimpse of that from this movie.

A surely must watch movie If you're looking for something intense, suspenseful, and different than your usual action-packed thrillers.
Rating : 8/10
Se7en (1995)

Director : David Fincher
Cast : Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kevin Spacey

Watched a movie after a long time and what a choice for a comeback . Se7en is a shocking, disturbing, cold, sinful thriller which takes hold of the audience for the entire length of the movie. The story is about two police cops, one about to retire and one a very young new entry played by Freeman and Pitt respectively. Just before Detective Somerset (Freeman) is about to retire, a strange case of murder comes into picture which introduces the police department to a cold-blooded, patient and deranged serial killer who kills people one after the other on the basis of seven deadly sins mentioned by religion which are subjected to death of the sinner. Thus the serial killer aims at killing 7 people, one for each sin respectively. Detectives Somerset and Mills (Pitt) are given this case and they both try their different methods to uncover this mystery and catch the killer. A very unique plot, this movie is made even more thrilling by the classic direction of Fincher. This movie can be called a milestone in the suspense genre.

Brad Pitt as the young, restless cop Mills has done his job pretty well . But there are some scenes where we feel that he is overacting a bit. Morgan Freeman on the other hand makes us feel that this particular role of Detective Somerset was written just for him. Kevin Spacey in a small role as the deranged killer is impressive and makes us feel that he is truly a cold blooded psychopath . Overall, a must watch movie.

Rating : 8.5/10
IF Only10/10
Cast:Paul Nicholls,Jeniffer Love Hewitt,Tom Wilkinson
Directed by:Gil Junger
Must watch movie in the catagory of romantic movies.The Story is bout a nightmare. that was seen by Paul very next day Paul feels everything is happening as he saw in Nightmare. The story is about whther he will be able to change the things or not that he saw in nightmare.
again its a must watch romantic movie.It may make you cry sometimes in the story
Note: I dont know abt all the guys, but there r ppl who r very emotional. So ........
You all will love it
This is my 1st review and I actually dont know
how to revies the film
Let The Right One In

Director : Thomas Alfredson

I am not a huge horror genre fan and refrain from watching them mostly. But I could not resist watching this one because of the rave reviews by many of the esteemed horror fans of this community and some of my friends in college as well .
The basic story is about a 11-12 year old school boy Oskar who is basically a very shy guy and harrased by his classmates. With very few friends to fall to, he meets a girl named Eli who incidentally comes to live besides his apartment in this snowy town of Sweden.
Eli's actions are mysterious and the person living with her, probably her father provides her fresh blood by killing people on the road. Yes you guessed it right, Eli is a vampire whose hunger for blood makes her kill even her own father.
But there is a certain special kind of relation between Oskar and Eli which can be called as innocent cute romantic teenage love. They help each other in difficulties and share a special bond which cannot be expressed in words.

The performances of the actors are really engaging. The guy playing the character of Oskar impressed me the most. Just the feel of the movie makes you get involved in it . I have watched very few movies of the horror genre and this one I will surely rank very high.
Needless to say this movie is a must watch for horror fans. But people who don't like this genre and have a certain fixed preconcieved notion about it, I suggest them to watch this movie and clear their doubts

Rating : 8.5/10
THE QUEEN last nite...
before tat....USUAL SUSPECTS is a gud one. if anyone has also seen CHOCALATE in hindi. they wl knw the similarity.

The Queen [2006 release] is fairly gud. nt a VERY gud one. its abt how the royal england family dealt with the news of death of the princess Diana. n how did the public farewell to her happened which the family was against. The muvie has characters for Tony Blair, Charles n her mom among others. watch if this sounds exciting to u...
i rate 5/10

Thick as theives

First of all i really dunno y this one was under rated! Personally I liked it but the plot seems similar to lotsa other movies! The lead actors,Morgan Freeman and Antonio Banderas have done a good job but not their best! Freeman happens to be a theif hu seeks out the help of Banderas to repay the Russian mob! What follows next is the story of how Banderas falls for Alexandra! But the climax was expected! But a good one too !
I wud rate this 6/10!

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