Magadheera is a Telugu film starring Ram Charan Teja and Kajal in the lead. It had been the talk on every film goer’s mouth during the last days of its release and for a couple of months after that. With a budget of approximately INR 450,000,000, the film is indeed a mega-budget one which exhibited “technical brilliance” and “a visual grandeur”. It is the only one of its kind in the Indian film industry to date, especially in Tollywood.  The picture was finally released world wide in the last week of July 2009 after about two years of toil.




Major Cast:


Ram Charan Teja: As Kala Bhairava (in previous birth) AND Harsha(at present)


Kajal Aggarwal: As Mitravindu (in previous birth) AND Indu (at present)


Sri Hari: As Sher Khan(in previous birth) AND Soloman(at present)


Dev Gill:   As Ranadev Bhilla (in previous birth) AND Raghuveer (at present)


Sarath Babu: As Vikram Singh, King of Udaighad


Rao Ramesh: As Aghora- a foreteller


                     Director: RajMauli                      Producer: Allu Aravind



The Plot:

The film opens in the year 1609, when the chief bodyguard of the kingdom of Udaighad, Kalabhairava, and the heir princess Mitravindu who are in deep love with each other, die as result of a war with Sher Khan and RanaDev Bhilla. After 400 years, they are reborn as Harsha, a professional bike racer and Indu, a college student. Their love continues with a brief interruption by Indu’s cousin, Raghuveer, who plays the villain and is Ranadev Bhilla reborn.




  • Harsha falls in love with Indu and discovers that he was, in fact, connected with her even in his previous birth as Kalabhairava.
  • In the previous birth, way back in the year 1609, he (as Kalabhairava) was the Chief Bodyguard of Vikram Singh, who was the then ruler of Udayghad.
  • Kalabhairava is in love with Princess Mitravindu. However, Ranadev Bhilla, Army Chief and Mitravindu’s cousin, also has his eye on her.
  • Due to circumstances, Ranadev gets banished from the kingdom. In order to take revenge and to gain the hand of the princess, he joins hand with Sher Khan, the neighbouring king, and wages war on Udayghad.  
  • Kalabhairava, displays his valour by defeating the invading army including Ranadev. But he, along with the princess gets killed in the process.
  • The four people Kalabhairava, Mitravindu, Sher Khan and Ranadev Bhilla take rebirth after 400 years as: Harsha, Indu, Soloman and Raghuveer.
  • In their present birth, Indu is united with Harsha with the aid of Soloman and Raghuveer is killed.



                                                                         A scene from the movie 'Magadheera'         




 Although the plot of the film is not very complicated, it is the general presentation, coupled with the lavish use of arts and 3D-graphics, which has made all the difference. The Visual Effects supervisor, Sanath and the art director Ravinder did a wonderful job at that. The actor Ram Charan, himself being a trained horse rider, has managed to accomplish his part in the second half with ease. Kajal, with her good looks and action, has also done full justice to her role. Great attention was paid to every aspect of the film-the costumes, the artillery, the designs, the art, the graphics, the lighting etc. The comedy touches by Sunil and Brahmanandam in the first half of the film is reasonably good.  The picturisation is also splendid, thanks to the able cameramen and other technicians. A special appearance of the megastar Chiranjeevi is a highlight to the film, though not a part of the actual story.


The music rendered by M.M Keeravani is excellent. One of the songs in the film Panchadara bomma bomma is a musical hit, while another song Dheera Dheera Dheera, though a slow moving one, has good lyrics.


 The film is truly a must-see, especially for those who are interested in socio-mythological sort of films. The concept of “punarjanma” (reincarnation) is nicely shown and the emotions of romance, heroism and hatred are well-depicted in this 2-1/2 hour movie.


No wonder that Magadheera became the first Indian film to be screened for 50 days in more than 300 centers and with a gross collection exceeding 100 crores. It has proved that Indian fim industry is capable of producing films on the lines of Hollywood.

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