Avatar Vs 2012

Hi friends, in this article we will discuss about the most expensive film in the world, AVATAR. Lot of hype and lot of expectations for this film and I believe that his will be one the biggest hit ever in film industry. 2009 is really a great treat for cinema lovers, because two huge budget movies, 2012 and Avatar. Most importantly these two films deal with a very different subject one explaining that the world may come to an end by 2012, whereas other goes to our future and it explains the invasion of human to another planet called Pandora in 2154 AD. To view about te cost of this movie click here


James Cameroon and Avatar

I haven’t seen the movie AVATAR so far, but I managed to know the core concept and story line of the movie, thanks to Internet. James Cameroon has once again proved that he is unique and one of the best directors in the world film industry. As a matter of fact this film is like a dream project for him and he has been working on this script for more than 10 years, to be precise, it is 15 years. It is interesting to know that he had this project in his mind, even before making the blockbuster and record movie, which won 11 Oscars, i.e. TITANIC.

To be frank I really had no idea about James Cameroon, before knowing about this film Avatar. Even though I watched the film Titanic, I was unaware of the director’s name at that time. But the release of Avatar really made him very popular (even to those who are not aware of him, like me) all over the world and each and every cinema fan will love to watch his film Avatar. At first instant when I heard about this movie Avatar, I thought it is an Indian movie, but late came to know that it is a Hollywood film. But still I believed that this film has some Indian connection, because the name Avatar seems to be a typical Indian name. But now after hearing the story about this film, form my friends, I can understand the actual theme of the movie to an extent.


I believe that after a couple of months, from its release (Avatar), the name ‘Pandora” is also going to be a huge hit, the reasons is simple, because Pandora is the name of the creative Planet which comes in this movie. Cameroon was really fond of all Alien kind of stories, right form hi young age and this eagerness and passion, motivated him to do a very complex and costly film in the world. He was very much attracted towards all the science fiction books and about his inspiration he said "every single science fiction book I read as a kid" This film will also explain the amount of efforts involved in making this film, when we watch this movie. Major percentage of the movie involves animation and graphics and finding the correct software for this film, resulted in the delay of this mega project.

You cnn check this link, "AVATAR", to watch the video, which explains the making of avatar

Joy of working for his dreams: Path to the making of Avatar

Another important thing about the title of the film Avatar is that, Cameroon first planned to have the title called “Project 880”, but later changed the title as “Avatar”. It is also believed that we can expect another part also for this film and that will make his dream a double success. This is a great treat for all fans and has proved world that if a person’s dream is satisfied, then we can surely see the efforts made by him, to get his dream fulfilled. He spent a lot of time for this movie and most of them were involved in finding the new and perfect software for this movie.

This is a very different story because we would have seen many films, where the aliens form an imaginary planet comes to our earth and fight against us. This has been the trend when it comes to making cinema with alien concept. But Lames Cameroon has changed the entire trend and he took a very creative and risky subject. Here in this film, the humans invade the planet called Pandora and the citizens of the Pandora consider the humans as Alien. This is more or less like the recent hit animated film called “Planet 51”, which also explains about an astronaut form earth lands in an unknown planet called “Planet 51”. But Avatar is very different and the graphics work shown in this film reveals the beauty of the creative planet “Pandora”. At the same time it also explains the risk and the negative side of the planet. So Pandora is a beautiful, yet mysterious planet and anything can happen to you, if you try to invade this planet and that is what explained in this film, which shows the war between the Humans, who invade the Pandora and the natives of the Pandora planet Navi. Pandora is very far from the earth and to be precise it is 4.3 light years from the earth.

The story of the movie starts in 2154 AD, where the hero of the film Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) is paralyzed. The selection of Sam Worthington for this project is a very interesting story, because James wants a hero who is less popular, as it makes the character very lively and we can have the feel that a common man like us is travelling to the planet. Now coming back to the story, there is a program called “Avatar Program” which involves ending of troops to explore the Pandora planet. Jake’s brother was working in this program and his death gave Jake a chance to join this program. Actually there is a reason for Jake to accept this project, and let us see this reason.

Pandora is the planet where human can’t live and so the Avatar Program used a different technology to make humans to set foot on the planet. So they virtually make the humans as the natives of Navi people. So Jake who is unable to walk due to this paralyze attack, now has an opportunity to walk again and so he accepts this project. The rest of the story deals with the emotion and the different circumstance faced by Jake and at one instant he has to choose either Pandora or Humans, because he falls in love with a Pandora woman called Neytiri.

This is an outline of the movie and I believe that you will share your experience about the film as soon as you watch this movie.

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