Bollywood, from long time has been dealing with roles involving some incurable diseases, like, Cancer, Mental Attack, Brain Tumor, Blood Vomiting and now Progeria. Sometimes to extend the story, and sometime the movies are specially based on it. This article is the review of the same….

Bollywood’s Super Star Amitabh Bachhan’s movie ‘Paa’ from last few days is getting more popular. The specialty of this movie is he(Amitabh Bachhan) has acted as a 13 year old boy, affected by an incurable disease called Progeria. This movie introduced an unfamiliar disease that was not known to many till now. Different role, different acting, and different incurable disease will definitely make the movie ‘Paa' memorable.

'Paa' is the story of child who is getting older day by day. Means boy was young but his body was old. This is a true nature of the disease. Few years back Sridevi has shown her acting ability in the movie ‘Sadma’, where she performed same type of role. But the situation was little different there, In that movie Sridevi behaves like a young girl due to a psychological attack on her. 'Paa' had some different story, this type of disease was unknown to viewers, and they haven’t seen it anywhere or on anyone. That’s why 'Paa' had a great success.

Producers keep on trying some new things to show something different or to make their movie little different than other’s. To do this actors and actresses are shown with some incurable diseases. It attracts people’s attention and empathy, this leads to attraction of huge crowd towards theaters. In these type of movies there is a tradition to show the lead with some incurable disease like Cancer, Brain tumor, Blood vomiting, etc. so as to touch the emotions of viewers. Whenever there is the movie showing some incurable diseases it leads huge success.

The disease that appeared most of the time in movies is cancer. Just go back in memory and you will easily remember the strong role performed by Rajesh Khanna in ‘Aanand’. At the end of the movie when Rajesh Khanna closes his eyes, and when Amitabh Bacchan says ” Baatein karo mujhse … "viewers too feel that Rajesh Khanna should getup and say something… at the same time viewers and Amtabh hears the known voice “ Babumushaay..”. It just brings the excitement among everyone but soon the screen shows a tape recorder & the excitement turns in to deep silence. It shows the fear of the cancer, danger of cancer. Later there came many movies based on cancer, but no one could match ‘Aanand’.

Superstar Amitabh Bachhan in the movie ‘Majboor’, had performed an excellent role of person infected by Brain tumor.

Further the movie, ‘Dard ka Rishta’ made under Sunil Dutt’s Ajanta arts, shows that the cancer of Khushboo was cured by American treatment. Anita Raj in ‘Prem Geet’ and Rajeeta in ‘Aakhiyon ke zharokhen mein’ were shown infected by Blood Cancer. And in ‘Chor aur Chand’ had both Aaditya Pancholi & Pooja Bhaat infected by Cancer. Randhir kapoor to acted very well as a cancer infected patient in the movie ‘Harzaai’. Shakti Samant took help of Cancer twice in ‘Anuraag’ and ‘Anuroodh’. In recent times too Shahrukh Khan in ‘Kal ho na ho’ & Dimple Kapadiya in ‘Dil Chahata hai’ had a cancer.

In a record nine role performed in movie ‘Naya din nayi raat’ Sanjeev kapoor had one role in which he has been a blood vomiting patient. The same type of role was performed by Sharmila Tagore in the movie 'Desh Prem'.

Mental attack is also one of the frequent diseases that are shown in Bollywood. Some of them that could be easily remembered are Simmy’s ‘Chalte chalte’, Rakhi’s ‘Dhuwa’, ‘Baseera’, and ‘Dusaraa Aadmi'. Sanjeev Kumar in ‘Khilauna’ Smita Patil in ‘Haadsa’, Akshay Kumar in ‘Sangharsh’ and Ashotosh Rana’s ‘Dushman’ are also some that clould be remembered.

In very recent time, Mr. Perfectionist, Aamir Khan shown a new disease ‘short term memory’ in 'Ghajini' , where as Darshal Safari stars Dialysis infected child in the movie ‘Taaren Jameen Par’ which was also brought by Aamir Khan. Darshal Safari also won a critics award by Film Fare for this role..



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